1pm ET Turnaround Tuesday

January 2
, 1PM ET with Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell:

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FIRST—NO BETTER WAY TO START OFF THE YEAR than to pray for your sons and daughters. Include those you are mentoring. Consecrate yourselves and them to the Lord. Seek the Lord for them. Pray in the Spirit! And declare God’s covenant blessing over them from the outset of the new year. 

Jolene and I, along with Chris Mitchell, are excited to share fresh prophetic insights with you for the new year. Biggest question for 2024—this year’s not going to be like 2023, is it? Second biggest question—this year’s not going to be like 2020, is it? Especially pertinent for those still recovering from the “election trauma” of that year. 

Jolene and I just encountered God at the “Light the Way” summit. Probably as you experienced, there was a sense of sobriety, even atmospheric doom, when we approached the new year. Not many prayer warriors seem exuberant about the prospects ahead. Which is understandable. Given redemptive exposures, prayer and prophetic movements globally are wrestling with betrayal and grief at a time when the fate of the nation and world hangs in the balance.

Here’s some good news. In our little gathering, God broke through the doom! Join us today and gain inspiration and equipping for 2024. No King but Jesus!