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Friends, I am outraged. Seriously. I am fed up with the moral indiscretions of both Presidential candidates. And even worse, I am fed up with a hypocritical press making millions in profit from their sins. All the while propagating their bias with an unsettling, Nazi-esque dedication that completely ignores certain travesties which make Watergate look like childs’ play.

Truth went where?

What I’m about to say might seem objectionable. And by no means am I securing my endorsement or validation of either candidate. Instead I am deeply troubled by the actions of both. And as a prophetic voice and as a former journalist I do not want to compromise my God-given grace to discern and convey truth.

Unsanctified loyalty does that.

America—Republican and Democrat—we are defined not by our aspirations alone, but also— I would say primarily—by what we tolerate. My sincere hope is to shine the light of the Lord on situations, so you can see more clearly to pray and choose accordingly.

Admission or Deception?
Here’s my bottom line. Clinton and Trump are both flawed leaders who have abused their respective offices for personal gain at the expense of many. Significantly. Both have breached our trust to the extent that it’s stunning either of them are still in the running.

So a secondary question is of vital importance right now, and begs an honest answer. How do each of them respond when confronted with the truth—especially regarding their own moral failure?

When Trump is confronted with painful truth, he has consistently taken responsibility and sought forgiveness. When Hillary is confronted with painful truth, her unfortunate pattern is to  consistently deny and deceive the American people.

Whitewater. Benghazi. Secret Wall Street meetings endorsing open borders. Email scandals that without question breached our highest levels of national security. Even her own health. This is my personal observation, but there’s more truth to it than many would care to admit.

Here’s another point to consider. Either way you vote this year, a flawed man with a past marked by gross sexual indiscretions against women will have a prevailing influence at the White House. Because if you get Hillary, you also get Bill.

In an ideal world, Hillary Clinton should not be judged by the actions of her husband. Except that, during his presidency, Bill Clinton clearly used this highest office as a platform for his own sexual abuse.His known indiscretions compromised the very office she seeks. 

And unfortunately the legacy of sin seems to have only multiplied after office. Including not only alleged affairs, but global journeys with a known pimp and pedophile that were intentionally covered up and hidden from the press.

You can’t make this stuff up. And I say this through tears.

So to reiterate. America, either way you vote, a flawed man with a past marked by deplorable sexual indiscretions against women will have a prevailing influence at the White House. This November 8 you will choose. Do you want a candidate who consistently confronts truth with denial and deception—or a candidate who, when confronted, seems to take responsibility for his actions?

Sword of Judgement Outstretched
Final point. As noted in our previous postings this week, we are in the Days of Awe. According to Jewish tradition, Heaven’s court is open and accessible in an unusual way before our destinies are sealed on Yom Kippur. We are in a time period where earnest repentance can remove reproach and secure a better verdict for you and for our land!

A friend earlier this week clearly warned that a “sword of the Lord” was outstretched against our nation. She conveyed how, in I Chronicles 21, an angel of the Lord was dispatched to hover over Jerusalem and slay the capital city as a judgement from the Lord—a verdict from Heaven’s Court.

I resonate with this warning especially after last night! How the leadership of Israel handled this existential threat might provide a vital example for those seeking preservation and victory in our hour.

David repented. Authentically. As King.

David knew God’s judgement was deserved. Even an entire nation suffered because of his own sins. His wholehearted repentance and turning to the Lord provoked God to grant mercy instead of judgement. The sword was withdrawn, put back in its sheath.

To the leaders of either party. Do you truly want to make America great again? Your quest begins with only one pathway—to realign personally and corporately with God’s heart and His covenant, AND REPENT.

For our nation’s sake, I pray whoever earnestly chooses this proven pathway will actually win the race. Covenant blessings…

“If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS; then I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14).