“In this hour, we need watchmen on the walls of our countries who can peer into the future, pray and respond. As we know, history belongs to the intercessors! In order to see, we need light provided by such leaders as Jon and Jolene Hamill. They are aptly called to be Lamplighters, revolutionaries who illuminate what, when and how to pray…”

Cindy Jacobs

Generals International, RPN, ACPE.

“Crown & Throne will revolutionize your prayer life… I have great respect for Jon and his ministry and the honesty and simplicity that he expresses in his call to this land. This book, though directed toward America, can be used as a model for any nation. This is a day to overthrow thrones of iniquity. Crown and Throne takes the greatest model of our Messiah’s triumph and invokes a people today to arise with the same selfless approach to seeing the glory overtake the earth.”

Chuck D. Pierce

Glory of Zion, Global Spheres

“The body of Christ has many great teachers and writers, but few have been required to embody their message like Jon & Jolene Hamill. They teach us, not from what they’ve learned, but from what they’ve lived.”

Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets Ministries

Because of our location in Metro Washington, DC I’ve had the honor of hosting many well known men and women of God. I can honestly say that Jon and Jolene Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries are in a class by themselves. They listen to the heartbeat of God and share a living word for those they minister to. They’re both called to DC and the Nation’s as prophetic Ambassadors for our risen Lord Jesus.

Possessing deep spiritual insight, Jon is a great communicator, and uniquely able to relate to a broad spectrum of people. Traveling together on missions I’ve personally seen Jon minister lovingly to people in the lowest slums on earth and prophesy over a weeping President. Few can match his anointed ability to minister to all comers. Jolene is also a gifted speaker, able to minister the deep things of God out of a prophetic heart. Together they make a team that any ministry would be blessed to co-labor with.

My favorite aspect of these wonderful people’s is that they are focused on King Jesus and His Kingdom. They are all about building The Kingdom of God, and not some lesser work. They have helped me build our local church and they can help you. I give Jon and Jolene my highest endorsement. They will always be welcome to minister anywhere that I have any influence.

H. Pitts Evans

Pastor, Whole Word Fellowship

“Jon and Jolene Hamill have been a turbo charge to the 24-7 prayer movement in Washington DC. Jon’s leadership, mobilizing the prayer coverage that birthed David’s Tent, proved true as a man whose hands have been trained for war and his fingers for battle. Crown & Throne is an upgrade for the operating system of the governmental prayer movement…”

Jason Hershey

David’s Tent, Washington House of Prayer

“Jon has a prophetic ability to see and interpret the unfolding spiritual reality behind the actions of men, historical and present day events.”

Martin Frankena

Rushing Streams Ministries

“Jon and Jolene are genuine vibrant lovers of God. Their lives and ministry calls us to hunger for more of Jesus and his Lordship. They are leading pilgrims to the freedom, strength and revelation of the Lord’s current purposes and pursuits. The Hamills are blazing a sure godly path on the road less traveled. I highly recommend them to the church as prophetic forerunners who bring God into a fuller view. They are uncommon vessels proclaiming prophetic insight to hearts crying out for more. I am honored to give this endorsement.”

Jay Francis

Pastor, Rock Road Chapel , Director, International Accelerated Missions

“Jon and Jolene Hamill bring an abundance of fresh revelation in the area of strategic-level governmental intercession.  The prophetic insight they receive, coupled with the apostolic relationship of the Lamplighter Family, provides a unique and much needed foundational platform for the Body of Christ in this hour.”

Lynn Alderson

Apostle, Kingdom Authority Ministries, Pray Georgia

“Jon Hamill is a brilliant prophetic writer who has brought together an understanding of what God is doing now in spiritual warfare, worship and prayer. Jon gives exhilarating examples of tangible results we were seeing that brings transformation and reformation to society. His prophetic insights are extremely encouraging for our future; WE ARE WINNING!”

John Benefiel

Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, Church on the Rock, author

“Jon and Jolene Hamill and Lamplighter Ministries are a shining light calling forth societal change while contending for a global awakening of unprecedented magnitude thru the prevailing power of prayer. It has been my honor and joy in this life to partner with the Hamill’s over the past several years. As a father in the global prayer and prophetic community, it is great delight to commend to you the passion for Jesus, the abundance of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit and a walk of integrity that Jon and Jolene exhibit. You will not be disappointed by partnering with Lamplighter Ministries.”

James Goll

God Encounters Network

“My friend Jon Hamill is one of the prophetic voices in this generation sounding a call to “governmental intercession.” But this is not just theory with Jon. He has a wealth of experiences and testimonies of breakthroughs and transformations in cities and regions through this type of prayer… I believe you will be challenged and and encouraged to be a history-maker as you learn to execute His will ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’

Rick Ridings

Succat Hallel, Light to the Nations, Jerusalem.