Many have been inspired by Jon and Jolene’s wedding story. God made very personal their calling as Lamplighters! The couple was married on December 20, 2003—the first day of Hanukkah. In honor of the Jewish “Festival of Lights,” Jon and Jolene had purchased a menorah for a special unity candle ceremony. The wedding began with the party and guests entering into worship. As they were singing “Glory, glory, send your glory,” the unity candle started to flicker and then blaze—all by itself! God sovereignly lit the unity candle of their menorah, on the first day of Hanukkah, in front of a church full of invited guests—as they were inviting God’s glory to fill their lives.

Biblically, fire is a symbol of God’s affirmation of covenant consecration. This message of covenant consecration and commitment has become a prominent focus of their ministry. Jon and Jolene are dedicated to seeing people experience His glory, impacting personal lives and even nations.