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First—we are so excited to have James Goll joining us on the prayer call tomorrow night! This will be the first time connecting with the Lamplighter family since James imparted his mantle for the Prayer Storm movement. This will be one of the most important calls we’ve ever had.

Today I’m going to share on crisis intercession, which is actually a key aspect of the Prayer Storm movement and mandate.

Angelic Visitation
This Sunday the Lord granted an angelic visitation. One of three I am cognizant of experiencing during my 30 year journey with the Lord. Amazingly it correlated directly with a prophetic experience Jolene had just received.

Just for background, we had quite an interesting week here in Washington DC. After Wednesday’s prayer call, a sudden bout with flu brought both of our work to an unexpected standstill. Holy Spirit breakthrough gave way to HGTV and the Hallmark Channel. Midnight prayer journeys gave way to midnight journeys to DC grocery stores, in hot pursuit of cold medicine, gluten free soup, cough drops and vapor rub.

My point is that neither of us were at the height of spiritual pursuit or ecstasy during this time. Yet it was actually then that the Lord spoke to Jolene, and I experienced His visitation. Same night. Perhaps in part to nudge us back on track.

It was Sunday evening. Jolene awoke from a nap perceiving that the spiritual wrestling we were engaged in during this season was bigger than we understood. And it had to do with Benghazi.

I looked at Jolene, puzzled. Which I often do until the Lord fills in the blanks, and things she saw transpire before our very eyes. Then invariably I look at her in absolute wonderment. Like, how in the world did you get that from the Lord?

Anyway. Jolene went back to sleep, and I came to the living room to read. Though my Bible was by my side, along with a dog-eared copy of “Rees Howells Intercessor,” a book I’ve been meaning to give full attention to for a while now. But a Daniel Silva novel actually had most of my attention. The Confessor. A brilliant thriller about an Israeli spy discovering a secret society and a massive cover-up of the Holocaust.

While reading, I was suddenly aware of a gaze from across the room. I looked up and “saw” an angelic host, sitting in my prayer chair, eyes directed towards me.

This angel of the Lord said nothing to me. But the Presence of God was suddenly strong in the room, and I sensed very clear perceptions from His Presence. The angel occupied my seat for about an hour. I picked up my Bible and began to read, and when I looked again this angel was on his knees praying, his chest and head over the seat of the chair. I looked again and he was seated again.

And in features and in dress, he looked exactly like Rees Howells. It was as though Rees Howells himself was somehow just beyond the veil of the great cloud of witnesses. And the veil had for a moment had been rolled away.

About Rees Howells
Still processing all this. But one thing was clear, the Lord Jesus Christ was redirecting my attention to Him—and in Him, to the legacy and work of His servant Rees Howells. A humble Welsh intercessor who gave himself fully to the Spirit of God, and in process changed the course of history.

From the harvest fields of Africa to breaking through the greatest evil seen in our time, praying through World War II, to travailing in the birth pangs of Israel’s rebirth, Rees Howells pioneered a legacy barely known in his hour. Prophetic intercession. Crisis intercession. A life lived as a prophetic witness for his hour.

The Book—A Summer Camp Encounter
The book “Rees Howells, Intercessor” by Norman Grubb fell into my hands shortly after I got saved. It’s been a constant companion ever since. I will never forget giving the book away at college, in part to distance myself from the weight of conviction and calling always activated in me within its pages.

So I gave the book away at the close of my junior year. Just a few weeks later I headed to Cape Cod to work at a Presbyterian summer camp. My grandparents lived at the camp, and I would often walk and pray along a lonely dirt road leading to their home. One day, an unusual old man in high-water chinos and a green shirt approached me on this dirt road. In his hand was a scuffed paperback book with a green cover that matched his shirt.

It was “Rees Howells, Intercessor.” The man said, “The Lord told me to give this to you.” He handed it to me and left without speaking another world.

Can I suggest to you that this is a book for the season? And perhaps within its pages, your life before God will be more comprehensively defined and activated as well. You will be convicted and refined, guaranteed. But your eyes will also be opened to the extraordinary possibilities available by the Spirit of Christ.

Just don’t run. Or you might just encounter a man with a message on a lonely dirt road, or even reclining in your briefly-vacated prayer chair.

Matt Lockett and the Howells Project
Before I go any farther, I want to mention that the Lord is visiting many DC leaders with a similar experience. My friend Matt Lockett, director of JHOP-DC and Bound4Life, has recently been focused by the Spirit on Rees Howells’ legacy—actually for months now.

Matt is facilitating a 4-week intensive called the “Howells Project” this May. You might want to join him. I hope to get Matt’s permission to repost his article, but for now you can read it by clicking here.

Benghazi, Rees Howells, and Crisis Intercession
OK. As I mentioned, on the same night of my angelic visitation, Jolene also had a prophetic experience where the Lord spoke about Benghazi. That the magnitude of what was going on was bigger than we understood.

And as I sat in the Presence of the Lord, a perception was made clear that connected these two seemingly separate experiences together.

Benghazi. In the spring of 2012, Jolene and I were ministering in Vermont when she had a dream. She sat bolt upright and with great urgency said, “Something is coming this September 11 that will affect every household in the nation.” She then looked at my sleepy face, put off because I was still not grasping the importance of what was shown her. “The Lord told me ‘World War Watch—and I mean it!’”

On September 11, 2012, the American consulate in Benghazi was stormed and burned by radical Islamist jihadists. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed. An apparent government cover-up began immediately, with blame placed on a recent You-tube video. Ensuing investigations uncovered presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server for State Department emails, apparently including classified material.

So the first part of Jolene’s warning definitely proved true, though not as either of us had anticipated.

World War Watch
The second part of Jolene’s warning was to begin engaging in a “World War Watch.” A phrase I had recently used to describe how intercessor Rees Howells watched and prayed through World War II. I felt then, and feel now, that God is summoning us corporately to the same high call. To watch and pray with the Lord of hosts through ensuing challenges, much as Rees Howells engaged with Him to break through the demonic empowerment of Nazi Germany.

Prophetic intercession. Crisis intercession. Breakthrough that overcomes the demonic ideologies of this hour and sets a course of victory for the saints. Helping to birth God’s purposes for Washington DC and our nation, for Israel and the Mideast, and for the nations of the earth.

Interesting developments here in Washington DC. We all understand these storm winds are already blowing. But it’s pretty clear the Lord is inviting us to take our seats.