1pm ET Turnaround Tuesday

February 6
, 1PM ET with Jon & Jolene:

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FIRST—PLEASE ENGAGE in contending, covenantal intercession for your sons and daughters. Turnaround Tuesday! Claim and activate the Lord’s generational covenant over your lives and family. Protection, direction, wisdom, visitation. It’s time to complete the turnaround in their lives!

VALENTINES DAY NEXT WEEK! Countless shining engagement rings will be gently placed on the softened hands of brides-to-be. Millions of roses will be presented by adoring husbands to their wives. Dancing and romance will fill the night. Countless couples will reawaken to limitless gratitude in their hearts for their significant others. And many, many more will draw close to Jesus as their faithful heavenly Bridegroom.

IT’S ALL ABOUT COVENANT! Or really it should be. Even in the body of Christ, we have found an extraordinary deficit of understanding of true covenant—about the power and potential granted to us as believers in Jesus Christ. Family salvation. Healing. Deliverance from the hand of every adversary. Provision. Blessing on your home, your land, your sphere of authority. Restoration and even restitution. 

And more important than everything else, it is covenant which provides you with access to the Lord, to intimate fellowship with Him. 

So join us today as we explore THE CIRCLE OF COVENANT!