Call Tonight 9pm ET

7:30AM WEDNESDAY—NATIONAL GATHERING OF PRAYER AND REPENTANCE hosted by Jim Garlow and Tony Perkins with congressional leaders, more. Jon will be leading in a repentance prayer as part. Live from the Museum of the Bible. TO WATCH CLICK HERE:

9:00 PM ET CALL WEDNESDAY Phone: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Pre-broadcast prayer at 8:45pm! 

WATCH POWERFUL BROADCAST—TESHUVAH—CONGRESS JOINS DAY OF REPENTANCE. YouTube video with Chris Mitchell, Jon & Jolene. One of our most powerful.

THIS MORNING AT THE MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE, Congressional leaders are joining a gathering hosted by Jim Garlow and Tony Perkins focused on national repentance. Teshuvah! Such a critical time to receive God’s mercy to advance us into His intentions for 2024. Please join this extraordinary service by live stream. Lord willing, we will provide a powerful recap tonight on our conference call. 

Remember, the Lord is fashioning us into Warriors’ swords. As we bow before our King in wholehearted repentance, let a fresh word from God’s Throne be released from you as a sharp, two-edged sword, piercing through every ungodly tie and refining the godly ties. 

No King but Jesus!