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January 30
, 1PM ET with Jon & Jolene:

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7:30AM WEDNESDAY—NATIONAL GATHERING OF PRAYER AND REPENTANCE hosted by Jim Garlow and Tony Perkins with congressional leaders, more. Jon will be leading in a repentance prayer as part. Live from the Museum of the Bible. TO WATCH CLICK HERE:  https://praydc.org/

FIRST—PLEASE ENGAGE in contending prayer for your sons and daughters. Pray for the Lord to move in their hearts, awaken their conscience, and direct them by His Spirit into His best for their lives. With teshuvah—repentance and turnaround—removing blockages and bringing healing, restoration and life. It’s time to complete the turnaround in their lives!

SECOND—TODAY Chris Mitchell Jr, Jon & Jolene focus on TESHUVAH or repentance. What is biblical repentance? Why does God call us to a season of repentance? What are the benefits He promises for you and your family? Your nation? 

It seems that the nation is now in a season of repentance. IHOPKC just announced their embrace of this call. And tomorrow, on Wednesday morning, a special solemn assembly with congressional leaders is being hosted at the Museum of the Bible. 

From IHOPKC in America’s heartland to the highest halls of Washington DC, a new season of TESHUVAH is taking hold. The hope conveyed by Acts 3:19 is the dire need of our nation in this hour, and it can only be secured through one door. Repent and return, so that your sins may be washed away, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord! 

So join us. Lets learn together. And LETS ENTER IN!