Crown & Throne School, Remnant Church, Brunswick Georgia
July 31—August 2, 2015 | To register click here!

Come up higher! Join Jon & Jolene, Ed and Lynn Alderson, and hosts Jamie and Redonnia Jackson for a life-changing weekend in historic Brunswick Georgia. A new move of the Spirit is now at hand! Learn to receive from God in “real-time,” receive His justice and impact your spheres for Jesus Christ. No King but Jesus!

Crown and Throne is a field guide for spiritual revolution.

The school will empower you to:

• Encounter God’s heart in a a fresh new way

• Shut the “gates of sabotage” in your life

• Access the hidden power of covenant

• Release God’s justice through prayer

• Recover God’s dream for America

Nobody fights a revolution just to take ground.  Instead, every revolution is fought to establish new government. Come join us and be empowered to stand before Jesus and release His Kingdom in your life and world.

July 31—August 2, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA.
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