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REDEEM AMERICA ‘24—WARRIOR’S SWORD PROJECT! January 24-February 24, 2024. “I will make you like a warrior’s sword…” (Zech. 9:13). 

THE EYES OF THE WORLD WILL BE ON THE SUPREMES tomorrow as America’s highest court hears the Colorado case denying former president Donald Trump a place on the state’s presidential primary ballot. At issue is whether or not Trump can be legally disqualified due to the events of January 6, 2020. 

The big question—legally, was Trump acting as an insurrectionist? Or was he legitimately seeking to fulfill his presidential responsibility to protect and defend election integrity?

How can you tell the difference?

For political considerations alone, obviously about half the nation probably would vote yes, and half the nation no. That said we dare not allow political biases to determine the national verdict—or even our own verdict. Why? Because a precedent set by finding Trump guilty of insurrection could easily become weaponized as a means of disqualifying leaders in the future. 

Here’s a thought. If President Trump were guilty of insurrection, then the events of January 6 must legally be considered an insurrection. Yet the protest was similar in purpose and severity to protests by BLM, Antifa and others earlier in the year which were not considered insurrections. 

Not laying blame here. Just processing. Because if January 6 is legally classified as an insurrection, there’s no way that the May 29 riot at the White House should avoid this classification as well. Both included an attempted penetration of our nation’s highest governmental structures. Both resulted in many wounded security agents. Approximately 60 Secret Service agents on May 29, and 114 Capitol Hill police on January 6. Astonishingly, more than a thousand protesters were arrested over the January 6 riot. Yet according to news reports only six protesters were arrested over the May 29 riot. 

GOOD THING YOU’RE PRAYING. Just sayin’. Speaking of which, please join us tonight for conference call prayer! And let just stay on point with the watch of the Lord through Thursday.