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I’LL NEVER FORGET THE MOMENT. When Jolene stepped into view, to walk down the aisle with her father twenty years ago today, December 20. Everyone in the church drew a collective gasp. Jolene is naturally beautiful, but when she made her procession down the aisle Heaven was in her eyes, her smile, her being. It was like time itself was stilled by her presence. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. 

And we were about to witness a genuine Christmas miracle. 

For years, Jolene was known in the tight-knit church as the “poster child for single-hood.” She refused to date until she knew God had brought the right guy to her, just as He had promised. For seven long years she wore a ring that bore witness to her covenant with the Lord, set apart for Him and for the husband He had chosen for her. More on this in a moment. 

God Lights our Way!
Most of you probably already know our wedding story. How when we were married, God supernaturally lit our unity candle. On the first day of Hanukkah, in front of everybody. But it’s worth sharing again. 

Things did not go according to plan—and we are forever grateful. The ceremony to light our unity candle was supposed to be the centerpiece of our wedding ceremony. We even had the Hanukkiah menorah specially shipped in from Jerusalem. But as we were singing “Glory, glory, send your glory” the Lord beat us to it. My best man Will Ford nudged me, a tear streaming down his face. He pointed to the menorah, with the unity candle suddenly lit. I gasped. Then all our guests collectively gasped again!

God lit the unity candle of our menorah as we were coming into covenant together, on the first day of Hanukkah, as we were worshiping the Lord and asking for His glory to come. To this day the igniting of this sacred flame has marked both our personal relationship and our calling in the Lord. 

I don’t even need to mention we’re called “Lamplighter Ministries,” right? And not because of our wedding. That was my ministry for years before we were married. On our day of covenant, God sealed what He and we had begun.

Dream—Jolene Receives Invitation to Her Wedding!
As mentioned, Jolene refused to date until she knew God had brought the right man to her. Here’s the back-story.

Seven years before we met, God gave Jolene a dream where she was getting married on December 20. In the dream she had just picked up her mail. And the Lord had sent her literally an invitation to her own wedding! Upon awakening she remembered no details except the date. December 20. She could not remember the year, or the location, or even the guy… only the date.

Around this time, Jolene entered into covenant with the Lord over her promised marriage. She even purchased a ring that bore witness to her covenant with the Lord. She set herself apart for Jesus and for the husband He had chosen for her! 

Seven LONG years later, Jolene met a guy. Tall, dark and handsome, as I like to say 🙂 God gave the green light. They started dating. As a single father of two kids—adorable kids, admittedly—this man did not come quite in the form she expected. But it was clear that the Lord had brought them together. They fell in love. She liked to say that wild horses couldn’t keep him away. 

And not too long after, Jolene received a very passionate, spontaneous plea from her suitor. Marry me! Her suitor still thanks God every day that she said yes.

The night I (Jon) proposed to Jolene was very much spontaneous, and I actually had yet to purchase her engagement ring. At the time my most precious commodity was a prayer shawl, which I gave to Jolene as a witness of my proposal until a proper diamond ring could be picked out.

In return, to my astonishment I actually became the one who received an engagement ring. Jolene pulled off the ring she had worn for seven years as a witness to her covenant with the Lord. She actually put her ring on my finger… and to both our surprise it was a perfect fit! 

Can’t make this stuff up. Jolene’s covenant ring remains my wedding ring to this day. Through the years Jolene’s engagement ring has increased in stature, but my simple ring has never changed. It remains my most precious commodity. 

December 20—First Day of Hanukkah
A few days after our engagement we sat down over dinner and shared ideas for wedding dates. I figured we’d wait a year or so. But when we looked over the sequence of December 20 through the ensuing years, the only time December 20 occurred on a Saturday was in 2003. Just a few months away!

The idea of getting married so early seemed impossible. Well, at least improbable. But then I made a stunning discovery. December 20 of 2003 was actually the first day of Hanukkah! The date the Temple menorah had been relit to reconsecrate the sacred space to the Lord, after it had been defiled. It did not take us long to realize the Lord had given us a sacred invitation. To dedicate ourselves to Him and each other, in the bonds of covenant, on the first day of the Feast of Dedication. We scrambled to access this late-hour opportunity.

We already shared the miracle of that day, when God literally “lit the way.” Over the span of our twenty years of marriage the fire has only grown brighter. Literally. From Washington to Washington to Jerusalem! In process we’ve ministered across America, in Israel, Italy, Germany and Canada, sharing the word of the Lord. We’ve written four books, produced many broadcasts,  and released thousands of postings. We’ve seen so many miracles with prophetic dreams coming to pass before our eyes. Best of all we’ve been privileged to touch the lives of tens of thousands of people and gained many amazing friends—especially the Lamplighter family. We love running with you!

After twenty years together, it still feels like we are living a dream. Challenges are guaranteed. But we’re convinced the best is yet ahead! As we move together through this coming year, please know that God is for you no matter what. HE WILL LIGHT YOUR WAY!

No King but Jesus…