1pm ET Turnaround Tuesday

January 16
, 1PM ET with Jon & Jolene:

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FIRST—PLEASE DREAM GOD’S DREAM for your sons and daughters, and then engage in contending prayer for them. Lay the foundation for God’s breakthrough in their lives. This—not politics—is really how we put the “turnaround” in Turnaround Tuesday!

SECOND—DONALD TRUMP OFFICIALLY WON IOWA. Lamplighter Ministries congratulates the former president. That said, everyone we talk to remains extremely unsettled about the road ahead. What does it look like for America if either Trump or Biden wins another term? Most importantly, how will you and your family be affected? 

Jolene, Chris and I will have some prophetic insight from the Lord to share. That said, please note there are no easy answers—especially as we emerge from the tenuous shelter of political propaganda in search of genuine truth. Hindsight being 2020, we’ve all learned how vital this process actually is. 

It’s important to note that as of now, America will have exactly 42 more “Turnaround Tuesdays” until the next election is decided. Because of how this election affects us all, our Turnaround Tuesday broadcasts will occasionally include this focus. Join us… lets dive into the deep!

AND FINALLY, note that for the second week in a row the notification of today’s Turnaround Tuesday broadcast has been sent to you on Tuesday morning. We hope to make this consistent, as well as expand Turnaround Tuesday’s capacities in the near future. More soon! And thank you for contending together for this amazing generation!