222 INHERITANCE CONFERENCE with Allen Hood, Will Ford, David Bradshaw, Jon & Jolene. Lou Engle live-streamed from Pasadena. Feb. 19-21 The Prayer Furnace, Fredericksburg VA. 

Optional prayer strike 2-22 in Washington DC. For out of town guests—Reagan National is best airport. Free registration online at www.theprayerfurnace.org

JAMES GOLL JOINS PRAYER CALL WEDNESDAY! Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

ANNOUNCING 222 INHERITANCE! It feels like a summons from Heaven as been released. We are being invited together to help set the course of our future. Amazing speakers are joining us, including Allen Hood and Will Ford. You will experience breakthrough worship. Join us Feb. 19-21 and lets see a move of Holy Spirit released through the east gate of our nation!

The Turnaround Window Opens
Each year, Lou Engle hosts a “222 Conference” in Pasadena CA. Just recently, Lou felt the reach of this gathering needed to connect the nation. The result is two simultaneous conferences in Pasadena CA and Fredericksburg VA, connected by live-stream with Lou. Jolene and I are joining with David Bradshaw of the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace to co-host the east coast conference.

I know this is very spontaneous. But Lamplighter family, I am asking each of you to pray about attending both the conference and the optional prayer strike in Washington DC this February 22. Remember this year is where a window is opening for national turnaround. We were directed ahead of time not only to watch at the window but to go through the window immediately as it opens.

We believe this is the time. Remember that we felt to facilitate the “Light the Gates” Prayer Project until February 22. Until David called just a few weeks ago, I had no idea Lou Engle was desiring to launch simultaneous gatherings to impact the nation. And our idea of adding an optional DC prayer strike was readily embraced.

Secure the Gates!
What does this mean? I cannot imagine a more important time for for you and I to join together and “Light the Gates” in Washington DC. Remember we have built this entire prayer focus around Chuck Pierce’s word to secure the gates of our future. These are the gates, and now is the time.

We are going to have a few options for prayer tours and anticipate covering the White House, the Capitol, Supreme Court, Department of State, Pentagon and more. In addition we have arranged for worship at Davids Tent and a special tour of the Museum of the Bible, now under development less than a mile from the Capitol.

I cannot share details now but the Lord has already spoken about some issues for strategic level prayer. All this said, please come both to receive deeply from the Lord Jesus Christ, and also to stand in your delegated authority and impact our Capitol region.

About Allen and Will
Many of you have been impacted by the messages of Allen Hood, director of IHOP University in Kansas City. Allen helped lead the IHOP-KC awakening, which began on 11-11, 2009. He is anointed, accurate, fiery and passionate for the Lord, but what I love best about Allen is his genuineness. There’s no difference between Allen Hood in prayer and Allen Hood in prophesying and proclaiming. And that makes all the difference.

I have been friends with Allen since serving at IHOP-KC as one of the original intercessory missionaries more than a decade ago. Around that same time I first met my good friend Will Ford. We were on the Kettle Tour Prayer Journey together, traversing the east coast in 2001 with Lou Engle and Dutch Sheets. And my own life forever changed.

I will tell the full story in a future posting. Suffice to say, Will is known throughout the nation for his wisdom, revelation and covenantal authority. He is a longstanding member of the ACPE. But Will is first a prophet of God’s own heart. And that’s what I love the most about my friend.

Did I mention Will Ford was my best man at our wedding? In fact it was Will who, through a stream of tears, first bore witness to a miracle that came to define both our wedding and our ministry. When God supernaturally lit the flame of our menorah on the first day of Hanukkah in 2003. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for the 222 Inheritance Gathering!

David Bradshaw
I have known David Bradshaw and his father Scott for many years now. Together they founded the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, one of the most successful 24-7 houses of prayer in the nation. David has been a longtime catalyst of regional unity in the metro DC area, connecting prophetic voices and prayer ministries in a way that has fostered longstanding friendship and collaboration. In addition he has worked extensively with mutual friends Rick and Patti Ridings, and is devoted to God’s work in Israel.

Note to the Revolutionaries–as David shared on last Wednesday’s call, he has also received many revelatory words about the 13 colonies. One of the most specific was to converge “12 tribes, 13 states” to see a move of the Holy Spirit released.

As shared on Wednesday’s call, David and I both feel by the Spirit this is THAT time. Please consider this—I do not mention it lightly. There’s a reason why the Lord is summoning us to connect through 2-22. I believe He is converging the 13 colonies and the nation as a demarcation of a time where His glory begins to be restored.

Friends, the window is opening, just as God promised. You simply cannot make this up!

222, Azusa Now and the Glory Train
Final thought. One of my primary motivations in going to the 222 Conference last year was to connect with Lou on the “Glory Train” vision, sharing God’s “now” desire to restore His glory to our nation. We were well received. And when Lou began to speak about his vision for the massive Azusa Now gathering on April 9, I knew these projects were correlated.

April 9 marks the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street outpouring. William Seymour and Frank Bartleman gave prophetic utterances that a move of even greater magnitude would be released in around a hundred years. And Lou strongly feels that this April 9 marks a demarcation in the release of this move.

Not coincidentally, we are scheduled to launch the east coast journey of the Glory Train on April 18, just a week from April 9. You cannot make this stuff up.

Lamplighter family, I am doing my best to convey how the pieces of this prophetic puzzle are forming together… and what picture conveys. Now is the time to access the window the Lord is opening for us. As always, we look forward to taking this journey together!

Covenant blessings to you all…