1pm ET Turnaround Tuesday

November 21
, 1PM ET with Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell:

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Revolution 2023—Spirit of Elijah!
With Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie Fitt, Ed Watts, more. Hosted by Jon & Jolene. December 7-9, 2023 Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton (Fairfax) VA.REGISTRATION $45 non-refundable. To register on Eventbrite CLICK HERE:

THANKSGIVING IS FAKE NEWS? The Pilgrims are evil? Today’s WOKE teachers are chalkboarding every demonic deception they can muster to denigrate America’s most important holiday. Why is Thanksgiving SUCH A THREAT? 

You owe it to yourselves, and you owe it to your children to know the truth. And to make the truth known. Join us today for Turnaround Tuesday and lets turn the tide on hell’s disinformation campaign against Thanksgiving. There’s more to it than meets the eye. And once you know the truth about the Pilgrims’ legacy, you can never be the same.