1pm ET Turnaround Tuesday

October 31
, 1PM ET with Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell:

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Revolution 2023—Spirit of Elijah!
With Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie Fitt, Ed Watts, more. Hosted by Jon & Jolene. December 7-9, 2023 Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton (Fairfax) VA.REGISTRATION $45 non-refundable. To register on Eventbrite CLICK HERE:

IT SEEMS INNOCENT ENOUGH. Every year millions of goblins and princesses, skeletons and superheroes canvas their neighborhoods with moms and dads to fill their bags with gobs of candy. The Jack-o-Lanterns are lit. Hilarious photos flood Facebook and family photo albums. Many become keepsakes. 

Most families have wisely adopted cautionary measures. In our opinion the wisest families either do not engage at all, or attend Harvest Parties in their local churches.

Warnings of the occult roots of Halloween are so prevalent now that we don’t need another lesson. Instead we need to apply what we already know. The Lord is totally clear when it comes to idolatry. “Come out from among them, and be separate says the Lord!” (2 Corinthians 6:17). OUR BEST ADVICE IS NOT TO PARTICIPATE.

But that said, our greatest priority is to cover in prayer the kids and grandkids who are participating. 

Remember it was just weeks ago that Israeli citizens were brutally attacked while at social gatherings. Last week a rogue gunman attacked a bar and bowling alley in Maine. With warnings of domestic terrorism are so clearly at hand, INTERCESSORS NEED TO BE PRAYING OVER THEIR COMMUNITIES!

Please pray Psalm 91 over your family, friends, and areas where you live. And join us for Turnaround Tuesday. Together we can see God’s turnaround prevail!