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First—James Goll just texted me that he is unable to join tonight due to continuing pain after a week of ministering. James said he hopes to join us next week, which works out great. In the meantime, Lamplighter family we have the privilege of praying for his full healing! And if you truly heed this posting, you will receive all you could possibly want from our friend James in the first place. Because the secret that propelled Rees Howells is now in your hands.

Speaking of which, yesterday’s posting on Benghazi, Rees Howells and Crisis Intercession provoked an incredible response. Thanks to all who wrote emails and notes. Today lets continue with Rees Howells, Prayer Storm and crisis intercession.

Conflict of Thrones—Iran, Saudi Arabia
Remember our consistent warnings that this year will be defined by the phrase “Conflict of Thrones,” nationally and internationally. Prophetically, we felt from a warning dream that the Iranian nuclear accords would be a catalyst for this conflict.

That said, tensions are rising now between Iran and Saudi Arabia—and therefore the Sunni and Shiite expressions of Islam. With sanctions being lifted from Iran and $150 billion being released immediately, this Shiite nation is already spending massively on new defense mechanisms. Meanwhile, China just signed a deal with Saudi Arabia to build a nuclear plant. Potentially signaling the emergence of another nuclear arms race in the Mideast.

Add to that Iran’s re-entry into the global oil market, which is currently destabilizing national and global stock markets, and the times are more than volatile on many fronts. Please pray! And together lets shut the gates of sabotage.

Rees Howells—The Battle of the Ages
Again, it was inspiring to see so many responses to yesterday’s posting on “Benghazi, Rees Howells and Crisis Intercession.” An observation from Mary Alice Burt really struck me.

“The Lord’s put on my heart to get out Rees Howells, Intercessor,” she wrote. “I read particularly about his intercession during WWII and the demonic empowerment of Hitler. He knew Hitler must be defeated. We are dealing with the same today.”

That is sobering. But based on the warnings the Lord has given so consistently, coupled with the extraordinary journey we’ve all been on, I have to agree. World War Watch. Through prayer, we are countering a political spirit, an antichrist spirit with similar intentions to Hitler, working through many leaders. Global domination and subjugation, persecution of the Jewish people, control of Jerusalem, changing times and law from the clear plumbline of God’s word, these are just some of the goals.

Rees Howells observed in his day that their little Bible College was somehow engaged in what he termed The Battle of the Ages. “I want to know that the Holy Spirit is stronger than the devil in the Nazi system,” Rees declared. “This is the battle of the ages, and victory here means victory for millions of people.”

I personally believe we are in the beginning stages of the next phase of this battle. God promised gross darkness would cover the earth—at the very time Heaven is at our gates, and His glory is being restored! Such is our watch in history.

Rees Howells—The Secret
If you’re like Jolene and me, you live to see Jesus receive the reward of His sufferings. You are passionate for victory. Every fiber of your being resonates with a strong desire to thwart the enemy’s sabotage and see God’s new move fully catalyzed.

And you’re probably tired of rhetoric. It may get some amens in the church hall, but it has no heavenly backing on the battlefield.

I want to know secrets of the saints. Secrets that work. So here’s a secret of Rees Howells, told by his son Samuel to James Goll. To set the stage, James was interviewing Samuel about his father Rees Howells. And Samuel proved very elusive, until at last the secret James was after was revealed. From the book Prayer Storm:

“I had one burning question, and I kept asking it. How is it your father got this level of revelation and authority for crisis intercession?” Our conversation kept going along, and I kept inserting the question whenever I could fit it in… I asked him my question again. But again, instead of answering it, he asked me if I wanted another piece of cake. I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then my tenacious friend Sue got down on her knees and crawled over to right in front of the chair where the feeble old gentleman sat. She said, “Mr. Howells, you must understand. Our nation is in crisis. The world is in crisis. And we need the kind of authority in prayer that your father and those who prayed with him had…”

Then I turned to him for I think the fourth time, and I said, “How is it that your father got this level of revelation and authority for crisis intercession? Did it come by an angel who would give him these visions and words? Was it through dreams? How was it?”

This time, with a tear coming down his cheek, Samuel Howells said words to me that have marked me for life. He said, “You must understand. The Lord’s servant was possessed by God.”

That answered every question I had. We all started to weep together. Then, without asking, Mr. Howells laid his hands up on my shoulders, and he prayed that the Lord would give me and my friend Sue the type of authority and the type of history-making anointing that had rested on his father Rees Howells. I was humbled, and I received much more than I ever anticipated…

Through the years we have walked with James Goll, he has been both as available and as purposefully elusive as his friend Samuel. And through the years, James has purposefully imparted to us this sacred anointing received from Samuel Howells.

But the secret that drove the lives of Rees and Samuel, the secret that propels James still through his mountains and valleys, cannot really be imparted. It simply must be yearned for. Pursued at all costs.

Possessed by God. That was Rees Howells’ secret, and the essence of the invitation being extended to each of us now. The burden itself mandates the witness of this dream.