Month: March 2013

March 29: Good Friday! Receiving God's Verdict

“The Mighty One has done great things for me… He has brought down rulers from their thrones, and exalted those who were humble…” Miriam, mother of Yeshua, Luke 1:49, 52. “He who has the bride is the Bridegroom.” Today we celebrate the greatest plea ever entered into Heaven’s court. And we celebrate the greatest verdict ever rendered by the Supreme Judge. This sacred blood of our Passover Lamb forever bears witness to His verdict, sealed by His own resurrection on your behalf! This weekend we close out the New Birth of Freedom project. We have indeed tasted of breakthrough–even in Washington DC! On Wednesday, I felt to do our conference call from the steps of the Supreme Court. Two days of hearings had finished earlier that afternoon. In the prayer room across the street, God’s breakthrough presence was so tangible that I was a little… overcome. So when I stepped out for the call, I was actually a little loud in sharing God’s goodness as we appeal to a higher Court than the Supreme Court! Verdict by the Supreme Court Steps Earlier that morning, I was privileged to join with a small team from Jim Garlow’s church in San Diego by the same steps. Jim Garlow, of course, helped to birth and steward Proposition 8, seeing the movement through to passage in California and to the Supreme Court. Just as...

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Passover 50 Tonight! Crystal Kain-Ross! 50 Stones!

CRYSTAL KAIN ROSS TONIGHT! Weds 9-10 pm EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Please invite your friends to join us! Across the nation and across from the Supreme Court, 50 hours of intense and united prayer has been covering the launch of Passover and two historic hearings on gay marriage. Two sacred compulsions propelled us forward–First, He that has the bride is the Bridegroom. Second–the Lord is releasing a historic breakthrough in this season! At the very same time, HAPN leaders nationwide are culminating their respective vigils at abortion clinics nationwide. Jolene, myself and our team just finished praying through the 8 (known) clinics in Washington DC. Would you believe–the last one was literally called the Egypt clinic! Can’t make that up.Remember how Exodus 1:22 records that Pharaoh commanded the firstborn of Israel to be aborted. This became the tipping point for the injustice, slavery, and subjugation of God’s people that provoked HIS PASSOVER JUDGMENT! LET MY PEOPLE GO! Final Push Please help us finish well! Join us either at the Simmons home in DC, or on the nationwide prayer call as we close out Passover 50 at 9pm. Immediately following, from 9-10 pm, Lamplighter’s regular Wednesday call will feature key prophetic insights with Crystal Kain-Ross. The Lord has given Crystal another significant word–again, not knowing anything about how the Lord has been...

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March 26: Tomorrow–Crystal Kain-Ross! Plus First Day Supreme Court Hearings

MARCH 26: CRYSTAL KAIN-ROSS TOMORROW! AT CLOSE OF PASSOVER 50! Weds 9-10 pm EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Well we’re now on our 25th hour of Passover 50! The presence of God was so tangible during the sacred assembly–unlike anything I have ever experienced in Washington DC. A united cry is going forth! Thank you for praying… keep it up! Many of you are following the news today on the Supreme Court hearing on Proposition 8. Demonstrations outside the court were seriously unsettling. But we’re hearing positive news from friends who attended the hearing itself. Praise the Lord! Passover 50–Halfway there!  Friends we’re halfway there. Remember Acts 12 and lets press together for breakthrough! However the Supreme Court decides, God’s verdict will stand. And He has ordained breakthrough for this Passover season. Let Holy Spirit travail through you. Grasp hold of this New Birth of Freedom, and bring to birth His covenant purposes! Crystal Kain-Ross on Call Tomorrow! Our Lamplighter community was so impacted by the vision Crystal Kain-Ross shared in the posting “Abortion–Prophetic Experience.” Crystal, whom at the time we did not know, saw an angel of the Lord hovering over the National Cathedral, with sword outstretched over Washington DC. This dramatic experience contained several key insights stunning in both their scope and accuracy. That said, Crystal recently wrote and connected with us!...

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Sacred Assembly for Marriage on Capitol Hill! March 25

“This is the Roe v Wade of our generation”–Jason Hershey. Don’t miss this regional convocation on the first night of Passover. Launching 50 hours of prayer. Get the word out, compel your friends to come! With Jason Hershey, Matt Lockett, Sara Ballenger, Jon & Jolene Hamill, Davids Tent, JHOP-DC, more. Address: Faith Tabernacle, 300 A St NE DC. Evening parking at Supreme Court Parking lot across street. Info 50 hrs DC prayer here Your Stand On Tuesday and Wednesday, two historic Supreme Court hearings on same sex marriage will be held. We together feel a sacred call to convene together Monday evening and appeal to a Higher court. It’s time to take your stand–not to be seen by men, but to be seen before the Throne of God. Significantly, Monday is the first day of Passover. A time where Jews and Christians celebrate God’s radical deliverance from slavery to freedom. More accurately, God’s people were delivered from Pharaoh’s idolatry-empowered subjugation and abortion. More importantly, they were delivered unto freedom to worship as God desires, and live as God desires. LET MY PEOPLE GO! For Christians, Passover is also the very hour where the Savior married His people! Jesus Christ died to redeem us from our sins, and rose again to secure our eternal life. As John the Baptist thundered, “He that hath the bride is the Bridegroom” (John 3:29). We gather Monday...

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March 20: Remembrance! Plus Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS! SACRED ASSEMBLY LAUNCHES PASSOVER 50! Monday, March 25, 7pm, Faith Tabernacle, Capitol Hill. Regional convocation on the first night of Passover! Launching 50 hours of prayer. Jason Hershey calls the upcoming Supreme Court hearings “the Roe v Wade of our generation.” Don’t miss this historic time of praise, repentance and prayer. Get the word out, compel your friends to come! Address: Faith Tabernacle, 300 A St NE DC. Evening parking at Supreme Court Parking lot across street. With Jason Hershey, Matt Lockett, Sara Ballenger, Jon & Jolene Hamill, Davids Tent, JHOP-DC, more. Remembrance–Please Read and Remember! “This do in remembrance of Me.” Jesus’ Passover words compel us to realign our hearts as we receive the Lamb’s own body and blood–what we call communion. He compels us to put forth an effort and perceive again the unprecedented investment He made for us on the cross. Redemption accomplished, so as Misty Edwards sings, “the Father will have a family, and the Son will have a Bride!” Jesus also compels us to remember our journey with Him, personally and corporately. I want to briefly bring your attention to His work over the past few years, keeping in mind that these projects are still unfolding and coming to fullness across our land. Covenant Restored In 2010-11, led by John Benefiel and Cindy Jacobs, we responded to God’s call for the divorcement of...

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