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THE TURNAROUND! 7-22 AT FANEUIL HALL BOSTON. With Dutch Sheets, Chris Mitchell Jr, worship by Jamie Fitt. Save the day, make plans now! To register on Eventbrite click link:

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BOSTON HERE WE COME! Jolene and I are so excited to join with you on July 22 for THE TURNAROUND AT FANEUIL HALL. Dutch Sheets, Chris Mitchell Jr, Adam Schindler, worship leader Jamie Fitt and many others will be with us. MAKE PLANS NOW! 

Dutch Sheets joined us eight years ago at Faneuil Hall when we initially received the Turnaround Verdict, setting in motion an extraordinary journey filled with God’s heart and hand in action. One of the things we discovered is that Boston marked the original city where the Appeal to Heaven flag was first flown—by the Massachusetts Navy. It was therefore all the more extraordinary to see how this Appeal to Heaven movement, spearheaded nationally by Dutch, returned to the place of origin so the Appeal for our time could be made.

And now we are returning to Faneuil Hall to again make our Appeal. Remember it was actually at Faneuil Hall, on July 22, 2014, that the Lord granted us His Daniel 7:22 verdict of justice in favor of the saints. I’ll never forget receiving the word to go to Faneuil Hall. We were preparing for an east coast tour when Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Rent Faneuil Hall Boston on 7-22, because on 7-22 I am releasing Daniel 7:22, a verdict from Heaven’s Court you don’t even know that you need.”

It has been amazing how this one verdict has shaped our life ever since. Turnaround Tuesday brought life and renewal to our children. Turnaround for Washington DC and the nation was then launched by a 50 state tour in 2016. Through all these years we have consistently seen dramatic breakthroughs both personally and nationally in conjunction with this verdict.

Now on 7-22, 2022 the Lord is summoning us again to Faneuil Hall. Let me give you a brief back-story.

God’s Call to Faneuil Hall
It was over Passover 2021 in Alaska that the Lord first spoke to me about 7-22-22, in conjunction with the Isaiah 54 turnaround movement He is releasing to each of us. It’s really worth it to pick up your copy of Turnaround Decrees, where we explore this movement in-depth. Because it is yours for the asking!

Over Passover in Alaska the Lord conveyed to me that if we return to Alaska for 7-22-21 He will open the doors to Faneuil Hall again on 7-22-22. We obeyed. But for a while it seemed the doors were remaining closed to this legendary womb of the American Revolution. Despite many tries, I could not get a return call from the property managers. 

The Call to Save the Day
I almost gave up. But in Brunswick GA this spring with Becca Greenwood and her team, the Lord spoke to me again very clearly, in a surprising way. We were in the baptism waters at Remnant Church, strongly sensing God’s presence, when team member Anthony Turner began to prophesy over us. “You are like Paul Revere for this hour,” Anthony declared. “And like Revere you are called TO SAVE THE DAY!”

At first I didn’t take Anthony seriously. Because over two decades, many prophets have prophesied the same word, to the extent that the Revere calling upon our lives is very well known. At least in prophetic circles. 

When I questioned Anthony, his countenance remained fiercely unchanged. “I have never, ever heard that before about you,” was his genuine reply. Chills went down me as he spoke—and not because of the water. I suddenly realized the Lord was reaffirming this same “Paul Revere calling” for this hour. 

And that we’re called to SAVE THE DAY.

People have wondered why the phrase “Save the Day” is on our promotional graphic. Some have even tried to correct it. “Shouldn’t it be ‘save the date?’”

No. I haven’t made a big deal about this publicly. But the word of the Lord is that “You are like Paul Revere for this hour,” Anthony declared. “And like Revere you are called TO SAVE THE DAY!”

So lets do this together. Join us in Boston, Massachusetts for an incredible moment that will undoubtedly impact our nation. 

Phanuel—Summoned before God’s Face
And remember that Faneuil, or at least the Hebrew word “Phanuel” which it is derived from, literally means “Face of God.” You and I are once again being summoned before the Face of God to receive a profound verdict of justice in favor of the saints. And it is guaranteed to shape your own future as well as that of our land. 

As we move towards 7-22, lets engage together in fasting and prayer for personal and national turnaround. We encourage you to immerse yourself in our new book Turnaround Decrees to advance you through this time. And lets together see God bring to birth His covenant purposes! 

“The Lord is once again releasing a Daniel 7:22 turnaround movement. He is opening a profound window to repair the past and redeem the present to secure His intentions for the future.”
—Turnaround Decrees pg. 185.