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FIRST—JOIN JON AND JOLENE WITH JAMES GOLL TONIGHT! You don’t want to miss. Key revelation and prayer from James, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Jon & Jolene and more. DO NOT MISS! This This is our 911
“THIS IS OUR 9-11.” As you know by now, yesterday on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Israel was viciously attacked by Hamas insurgents who slaughtered more than 700 Israelis in an unprecedented attack. More than 2,000 Israelis were wounded, and hundreds more were taken hostage. 

Many of those killed, and those taken hostage, were Israeli-Americans. Just as prophesied, Israel and America are now in this war together. 

Please join us for revelation and prayer tonight with James Goll. And also, check out our broadcast “Call 911” and “Redeem America Yom Kippur,” both of which share detailed prophetic revelation on what is potentially ahead. The Call 911 broadcast seems hauntingly prophetic now, given that Israel considers yesterday to be the Nation’s 9-11. It was released in early September, just prior to the anniversary of the destruction of the twin towers and western wall of the Pentagon by islamist terrorists. TO WATCH CLICK HERE.

Note that Cindy Jacobs also received a sobering word this September on World War III when God spoke to her, “Call 911.” I wept when hearing this astonishing word-for-word confirmation. 

What if America’s Government had been Shut Down?
On Thursday, just prior to Saturday’s vicious attack, we warned about how God’s alarm was sounding over America and Israel, with a sobering call for America to heed the alarm and come up higher. To our great sorrow, this too has proven accurate in real-time. In light of this immediate crisis it is astonishing how House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was forced out by a leader fulfilling a personal vendetta, dividing the House leadership. Until a new Speaker is nominated and confirmed, the House constitutionally cannot conduct formal business on behalf of the American people.

Friends Israel is now at war. To a large extent so are we. The gates of sabotage were therefore permitted to open JUST WHEN the God-given strength of the House leadership was needed the most.

Imagine for a moment what would have happened if former Speaker McCarthy had not struck a deal to keep government open. Our intelligence, military, homeland security, airline industry, economic and governmental capacities would have all been PLUNGED INTO CHAOS just at the outset of this war. 

We wrote in Friday’s posting: “An alarm is sounding a clear warning over America. We are facing an unprecedented challenge the most attentive of us can barely perceive. To preserve our freedom we must take the higher ground… AMERICA, COME UP HIGHER!”

Suddenly it all makes sense. 

The Lion of Judah Shofar is Sounding
The good news is that within the trumpet blast, the Lion of Judah is roaring His redemptive destiny. The ensuing war may lead to devastation. But in the end, for both Israel and America there will be victory and possession of God’s kingdom inheritance. 

Note that Speaker McCarthy was visiting Israel during our Spirit of Elijah tour this past April. He spoke to the Knesset on our last day in the land, giving a rousing affirmation of Israel-American ties as well as speaking powerfully into their crisis of democracy. Our entire tour prayed onsite at the Knesset just beforehand. We then journeyed to Yad Vashem, where the “Lion of Judah” shofar was given to us as a prophetic witness to sound the alarm—over conflict with Iran and more. 

ISRAEL HAS SUFFERED ITS WORST LOSS SINCE BECOMING A NATION. Iran obviously is the puppet-master behind these attacks, supplying Hamas with funding and weaponry. Most likely they ordered yesterday’s horrific strike. To stem the tide, Iran must be dealt with. I believe we will look back at October 7, again the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, as the date when the fuse was lit by Iran for World War III. 

Which btw makes even more sense on why the Lord emphasized humbling ourselves in repentance this Yom Kippur in the first place. His pathway has been SO CLEAR! 

Armageddon: Tick Tock to the Holy Clock
The Lord has been incredibly faithful to sound the alarm on the times now at hand, beginning last December at Tel Megiddo or Armageddon. Tick tock to the holy clock was the warning word when we visited onsite. At Tel Megiddo Jolene saw a vision of a large grandfather clock superimposed on the Jezreel Valley. 

We visited Tel Megiddo on December 9, just prior to the prophetic action where we picked up the Elijah mantle by the Jordan River on December 10. Chuck Pierce had highlighted December 10 or 12-10 as a date when the “pot boils over” and the prophetic ministry globally experiences a shift. Holy Spirit showed Jolene the numbers 12-10 reversed to form “ten minutes to twelve,” or ten minutes to midnight. She prophesied about the midnight hour both Israel and America were entering into. 

Facing Down and Existential Threat
Then, again, in late April we visited Yad Vashem on the last day of the Spirit of Elijah tour after praying at the Knesset. We were unexpectedly gifted a “Lion of Judah” shofar, ten days after Kristin Walch prophesied that we would be given an alarm to sound on the final day of our tour. We thought it would be a dream, or an impression. Instead we were given the very instrument highlighted in the Bible to sound the alarm. Blow the trumpet in Zion…

It’s so important to emphasize this gift was given at Yad Vashem. The Jewish holocaust memorial. God was emphasizing then what He is again emphasizing now. Israel and America are both facing an existential threat similar to the days of Nazi Germany. 

Iran is the primary inheritor of their legacy. Even their name bears witness to this. Iran is the Persian variant of Aryan. Just prior to WWII ancient Persia was renamed Iran at the suggestion of the Nazi party, because the Aryan race they venerated traces its bloodline origin to Iran.

We originally wrote clear warnings on Iran in our book White House Watchmen. Beginning at Yad Vashem, we have magnified our warnings significantly about Iran’s nuclear capacities. Just days after returning home, our worst fears were confirmed. Though officials say the program is now “on hold,” Iran is literally only two weeks away from enriching enough uranium to make a nuclear weapon. 

It’s obvious how this could affect Israel. But America is untouchable, right?

Beloved do you not perceive why, just days ago, the Biden Administration completely reversed its course on our southern border and actually started rebuilding a wall? Border security is now mandated to prevent weapons of mass destruction from entering through unprotected gateways. To me Biden’s jerky expediting of the process represents a feeble attempt to cover their reputation if WMDs were to be smuggled across our border. It would not have been expedited if this magnitude of threat were not present.

Revere Lamp Given in Abilene!
Signaling Victory in Midnight Hour

Beloved a midnight hour for Israel and America is now at hand. Let me give you some encouragement as you pray. As in the days of Gideon we are being equipped with trumpets and holy fire to face down this down a midnight hour. 

This was confirmed in an astonishing way. Services in Abilene with Jamie Fitt and Ed Watts have been off the charts. In the last session yesterday, leaders from Abilene presented Jolene and me with a special lantern inherited from their father. IT WAS A DIRECT REPLICA OF PAUL REVERE’S TWO LANTERNS, those he saw blazing at the Old North Church that launched his midnight ride!

First we are gifted a sacred shofar, and now Paul Revere’s lantern. Note the two ‘weapons’ of Gideon to confront his midnight hour. Beloved, signals are very clear from the burning lamps in the upper room. The trumpet is sounding. And a forerunner movement is again on the move to awaken an army and confront the challenge. 

As in the days of Gideon and Revere, we can turn the tide of this war and SECURE OUR NATIONS IN FREEDOM.

That said, lets keep watch! No King but Jesus…