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Revolution 2023—Spirit of Elijah
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THANK YOU FOR KEEPING WATCH! This morning I sensed the Lord saying that today, November 11, is the date not only to pray for national protection but to begin writing our new book. The date marks the 403rd anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact, committing our land and government to the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith. 

Friends, we are in a season of purifying for sure. Yet in spite of many challenges, our national covenant with God remains in right standing with Heaven’s court. Our refining in this season actually brings the renewed alignment the Lord has been seeking from us! 

As we wrote Wednesday, our nation and world are at an extraordinary intersection. Where many events prophesied in the Bible as part of the “end times” is now intersecting with real-time prophetic revelation from God’s Throne. Can I explain it? No way. And it’s important to note that virtually every generation in some way also identified with what they saw as “end time events” occurring before their eyes. 

And they were probably right. Why? History in Hebrew understanding is not linear, nor is it strictly circular. Instead it is literally a revolution, but with a trajectory that brings you steadily higher. In that way it’s somewhat like a whirlwind. 

One thing is for sure. EVERY GENERATION OF BELIEVERS must confront the antichrist spirit and expression of their hour. We, like our forefathers, are summoned by God to engage. To struggle. And to overcome.  

Maybe this helps you understand why, when the Pilgrims began their journey from Europe on 7-22, 1620, they described their voyage as “leaving Babylon.” That’s a major end-time theme. To them the monarchies of England and Europe had been so infiltrated by an antichrist spirit that they were mandated to depart and forge a new nation dedicated to Jesus Christ for liberty. On 11-11 they wrote a simple covenant to bear witness to this consecration. From this this covenantal foundation they began a building project that continues to this day. 

The Pilgrims clearly understood they were pioneering a new season of global history. And honestly it was one that bore witness to many end-time themes. For instance, it’s why our land was forged by covenant with the Lord as a beach-head against antichrist dictatorships. 

And as Holy Spirit selected the date of this covenant to begin our book, I am extremely cognizant that He is emphasizing we, like the pilgrims, have been tasked with forerunning an entirely new season of global history. As Pilgrims of today, we like our forefathers must understand the times to succeed.  

So pray for Jolene and me as we seek to make this mission clear to the forerunning body of Christ in our day. End-time, real-time.

That said, God wants to empower us with accurate, real-time revelation through the journey. Recently a friend in Israel asked us about prophetic warnings we had received this year that pointed to the season of war we are in beginning this fall. Some of what I share below will be familiar to Lamplighter readers. Some will be new. But the perspective alone brings a lot of clarity for this season. Note that this was a letter, actually an oversized text message, and is written accordingly.

Letter to Israeli Friend—Real Time Warnings of War
Praying for you and your family my friend! There’s just so much ground to cover. Trying to bottom-line the warnings we received in chronological order. Much of it is playing out before our eyes.

1. Dec. 10 2022 Tel Megiddo—Warning of a Coming Midnight Hour
On December 9, Jolene received a major warning while we prayed at Tel Megiddo in northern Israel. She saw a “grandfather clock” superimposed on the Jezreel Valley. Ten minutes to midnight. The Lord warned of a midnight hour for Israel and America unlike anything this generation has seen. Chuck Pierce had just received a vision of a boiling pot tipping over, beginning on 12-10. Very similar to Jeremiah’s vision of a boiling pot pouring from the north (Jer. 1). Note that the terror attack was ten months later, almost to the day. Do ten minutes on God’s timeclock equal ten months?

2. May 1, 2022“Lion of Judah” Shofar at Yad Vashem
On May 1, the final day of our Spirit of Elijah tour, Jolene and I were gifted a precious “Lion of Judah” shofar at Yad Vashem. We actually turned the gift down, as it was so extravagant. After praying, we felt this was actually the Lord, and gratefully accepted the gift at Yad Hashmonah. 

Backstory is extraordinary. Ten days beforehand Kristin Walch, one of the tour participants, shared a dream. The Lord showed her that the whole tour was going to be peaceful and joyful, but that on the final day I would be given a warning, an alarm that must be sounded. I thought it would be a prophetic vision, or an impression. Instead at Yad Vashem we were offered the very instrument God identifies to sound the alarm. 

This began a season of receiving prophetic warnings from the Lord, focused on terrorism from Iran and focused on the fall. With a shofar given at Yad Vashem, I knew immediately that the Lord was warning of coming anti-semitism and that we must stand together as one. I also knew Israel and America were both facing extreme danger, even existential threats. This was confirmed a few days later when it was announced that Iran was two weeks away from enriching enough uranium for bomb.

3. June 4, 2022 Warning to Keep Watch Over Israel
Right as the Isaiah 62 watch culminated, the Lord gave a dream. I saw a ram on a large hill with mountains in the background. It was sunset. The Ram shook His head in victory. But then he stepped forward on a rocky perch to intensively look over the valley below. I heard the Lord say, “The Watch of the Breaker has begun!” 

From this I knew the Isaiah 62 fast was being celebrated, but that we must IMMEDIATELY keep vigilant watch again. This wasn’t just a “one and done” watch but continual. I knew the danger was immediate and ongoing in a way I had only barely perceived beforehand. Dedicated ourselves to the watch.

4. 7-22 “Turnaround Jerusalem” Gathering in Israel
When the Lord spoke about this watch He also called us to host a Daniel 7:22 gathering in Jerusalem on 7-22. Daniel 7:22, which we call “the Turnaround Verdict,” declares judgment over evil forces persecuting the saints, releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom. Note that since 2014 we have hosted yearly 7:22 gatherings where the Lord highlights us to go. 

This time the Lord showed us not DC or Boston but Jerusalem. The on-earth extension of His Throne. To literally BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION, AND SOUND THE ALARM ON HIS HOLY MOUNTAIN. As part of this, we warned of Iran and the potential for terrorism, focused on the fall. We also warned of the divisiveness within both Israel and America that made us appear weak to our enemies, compelling them to strike.

Two major events occurred the evening of 7-22 as we were praying. Approximately 200,000 Israelis surrounded the Knesset protesting judicial reform. Also God spared PM Netanyahu’s life. With an alarm! A heart monitor he received two days earlier began to sound. He told Def. Sec. Gallant he had moments to get to the hospital before he could have died. HE HEEDED THE ALARM! We desperately need to as well. 

5. Call 911 and Yom Kippur
Warnings shared in Jerusalem were shared in a  “Call 911” video invitation for a special Yom Kippur 50 state gathering via live stream. We then shared it also on the Yom Kippur broadcast, though not as in-depth. Chuck Pierce, Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Curt Landry and many others participated in the Yom Kippur broadcast. Sharing links at the end of this.

6. Warning of Explosions Targeting Battleships
On the day of Yom Kippur Jolene and I toured MacDill Air Force Base, home to CENTCOM (Central Command in charge of Mideast) and SOCOM (Special Ops Command globally). We felt strongly impressed to pray onsite for Israel and America. A few days earlier in Lakeland FL I received a vision of battleships exploding in the fog. I had climbed up the mast of a ship at night and saw white objects in the water that were disguised as trash in the sea but were actually explosive devices. I screamed to the captain to make a hard right turn, and the device missed us. Looking beyond the ship into the fog, other ships began to explode as these projectiles began to hit.

What I did not know at the time is that the Lord also gave Jolene a dream. She saw military bases being hit with multiple explosions. I did not realize she had this dream until she shared it from the mic at our gathering. Jaw-dropping as it was so close to my vision. 

7. War Breaks Out on 7-22 on Hebrew Religious Calendar
Final thing my friend. Crazy. October 7 was actually the seventh month, 22nd day in the Jewish religious calendar. In other words, 7-22. Continued prayers that this horrific war will ultimately turn in favor of the Covenant People.

Call 911-Key Revelation, warnings for Israel & America. Includes story of receiving shofar. YouTube video.

Yom Kippur Solemn Assembly with Chuck Pierce, Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Rabbi Curt Landry, Apostle John Benefiel, more.