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Dec. 7-9 Revolution 2023—Spirit of Elijah
With Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie Fitt, Ed Watts, more. Hosted by Jon & Jolene. December 7-9, 2023 Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton (Fairfax) VA.

REGISTRATION $45 non-refundable. To register on Eventbrite CLICK HERE:

HOST HOTEL: Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax, Oakton VA. Cost: $112/night. Phone: 703-385-7774 | Hotel reservation link CLICK HERE.

8PM SUNDAY! JOIN US FOR A SPECIAL LIVE BROADCAST as we get ready for “Light the Night” this December 7, as well as Revolution 2023. The broadcast will provide key steps for connecting nationwide for the virtual candlelight vigil, as well as prophetic insights for the season from Adam Schindler and Jon & Jolene.

It’s time to show your solidarity with God’s covenant land, His covenant people, and against anti-semitism nationally and globally. Here are the steps. Light a candle. Take a picture or a brief video. Pray for the remaining hostages to come home. Then post your photos on social media. Including our Facebook event page! 

Please share this invitation with friends. Let’s show the world that Israel and America were created to SHINE TOGETHER! 

***A Little Background***

Note that December 7, the first night of Hanukkah marks an extreme convergence with the 82nd anniversary of America’s entry into WWII. That’s when the Greatest Generation overcame the most horrific dictatorial alliance known to mankind to preserve our freedom. A sacred remnant of the Jewish people were rescued. Many say that western civilization itself was preserved. 

Their breakthrough was similar to the days of the miracle of Hanukkah. The fiercest known army in the world held Israel captive. They even overtook God’s own Temple. Against all odds the Maccabees launched a rescue. With the lighting of a candle, they rededicated their captive heritage back to the Lord. 

On December 7, the legacies of the Maccabees and the Greatest Generation converge. The message is clear. It’s time to secure His freedom in this hour! 

***Join us for Prayer Project to follow***

Note that the “Light the Night” virtual candlelight vigil will launch a 22 day prayer project, with strategic prayer through Christmas focused on intercession over Israel’s war and securing protection nationally from terrorism.  Many credible prophets have warned to keep watch. It all begins with “Light the Night!”

Hosted by Lamplighter Ministries, along with churches and ministries nationwide.