Historic conference call last night with Bonnie Jones! We’ve made the audio available for you today. Click below to listen.

GLORY TRAIN WEEKEND at Remnant Church, Brunswick GA with Jamie and Redonnia Jackson! Friday eve 7 pm, Saturday morning 9:00 am followed by a special Passover Seder. Sunday morning at 10:30 am. CULMINATING PASSOVER, CONNECTING TO PENTECOST.

NOTE: LIVE STREAM of the Brunswick services at http://www.theremnantmovement.com/media/

Passover—I Will Cause a Turnaround for the Land!
Greetings from Brunswick Georgia, one of our favorite places in the nation to connect and minister. We are culminating the Feast of Passover tonight and tomorrow by ushering the Glory Train to this glory portal!

There’s so much to share today, especially in light of last night’s call with Bonnie Jones. God’s presence enveloped us as key revelation was shared to shape our future. A quick summation is below. You don’t want to miss the audio of the call!

On April 27, at 3:33 in the morning Bonnie awoke to a very clear warning from the Lord. “America is on the road to destruction unless we TURN IT AROUND now!” 

I sincerely hope you take these words to heart. It sums up everything we’ve been sharing. The Lord then spoke to her: “America the beautiful, long may She stand. Man has been crucifying Her for centuries BUT I’M PUTTING AN END TO IT NOW. 

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED and perched high in His nest. He has an eye for motherhood over this nation. Her eagleletts are being released THIS DAY and they shall soar higher and with clearer vision than ever before.”

Note that Bonnie was receiving prophetic revelation early on the very day we were set to minister in Charleston SC. Jolene and I had no idea how historic the ensuing day would prove to be. Yesterday’s posting provided an overview—click here to read “SC Welcomes God’s Glory.”

“I Will Cause a Turnaround for the Land from its Captivity”
At 3:33 on April 27, the Lord gave Bonnie Jeremiah 33:11 as His promise for the nation. You wouldn’t believe this. Most translations convey the passage as God restoring the fortunes of Israel. But the KJV gives the best translation of the original Hebrew: “For I will cause to return the captivity of the land, as it was at the first, saith the Lord.”

What does this mean? The Hebrew word for “return” is “shuwb,” meaning “turn back” or “turnaround!” Here’s an accurate paraphrase of the passage. “For I will cause a turnaround for the land from its captivity, so that it will be as it was at the first, says the Lord!”

Beloved, this is the promise God is holding out to us this Passover. He will cause a turnaround to restore us from our captivity! We are celebrating Passover 2016 not just to commemorate history, but to draw on the same anointing our forefathers experienced from the Everlasting God.

America is on the road to destruction without this divine intervention. But He is working with us now to get us back on track. And more, to lay the tracks for our turnaround!

Our Passover Journey
I believe the Glory Train journey over Passover was really orchestrated by God to convey this hope.

Glory Revolution. Remember how we began our Exodus season at Faneuil Hall Boston with Cindy Jacobs on 4-18. And on the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride, a Glory Revolution was commissioned! Revere rode and a nation was born. Remember God’s promise that as the Glory Revolutionaries ride in this midnight hour, our nation will be born again!

Passover—Underground Turnaround. The Glory Train rolled from Boston to Times Square, then to Philadelphia and our nation’s Capitol. We celebrated the first night of Passover in Washington DC with Dutch Sheets last Friday evening, receiving God’s “Underground Turnaround” for our time in history.

Honoring our National Covenant with God. During Passover week we journeyed to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, honoring the covenant of our forefathers and, according to my original vision, seeing the tracks of this Glory Train secured to San Diego.

SC Welcomes God’s Glory! New Cornerstone for a New Covenant. We then journeyed to Charleston SC for an absolutely miraculous time. Passover took on a whole new meaning as we saw God’s miraculous turnaround in the state. The Glory Train was welcomed in governmentally, honoring God and above all else the prophetic legacy of Bob and Bonnie Jones—who prophesied this movement as South Carolinians.

And Bonnie awakened at 3:33am the morning of our ministry, with the promise from God for national turnaround! You just cannot make this up.

By that evening, a new Cornerstone for a New Covenant was laid in this southeast gate. This Passover, please remember that covenant with Christ is always the pivot point for your turnaround.

Tonight—Your Access Point Opens! with Jamie Jackson
All of this brings us to this weekend—celebrating in Brunswick the culmination of Passover.

Here’s something you might not know. The last night and day of Passover commemorates the very date when God’s covenant people were delivered from Egypt. When the Red Sea parted and God’s covenant people were delivered from the pursuing armies of Egypt.

Lets come into agreement that TODAY marks your deliverance from the enemies who’ve been pursuing you! Declare that TODAY the Red Sea parts and you cross over into your destiny. Turnaround!

And in this year of Ayin Vav, see how God forms a supernatural opening that propels you into your future. Pastor Jamie Jackson had a dream last night where he watched this very miracle occur. In the dream Jamie saw me standing by the sea. A small door before me suddenly doubled in size. Then the Lord spoke to him, “Tell Jon this is your season of double portion… and today your door, your gate, your access point doubles!”

I don’t yet know if Jamie realizes he saw the very miracle God’s people experienced on the last night of Passover. I believe my presence in the dream is first and foremost as a watchman over God’s covenant with the land. And by the Spirit I tell you, the Lord is re-constituting this miracle for His covenant people today! Receive it in Jesus’ Name!

Glory Train Schedule
April 28-31 Glory Train Weekend, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA with Jamie Jackson
May 5 (National Day of Prayer), 7pm at Father’s House, Conyers GA with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, more.
May 6-7 Revolution Georgia, Cartersville House of Prayer with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, Rocky & Mary Abernathy, more. For info click here.
May 8 City Gate Atlanta, 5pm with Jacquie Tyre.
May 11 Rivers Edge Church, Montgomery AL, Pastor Eddie Mitchell