TURNAROUND TUESDAY LAUNCHED GLOBALLY on 11-11 at the Global Prophetic Summit in Dallas Texas, hosted by Mike and Cindy Jacobs. Lou Engle initiated this call in a fiery message in which he prophetically commanded the body of Christ to war for our sons and daughters. He shared the story of our son’s dramatic turnaround after a year of “Turnaround Tuesday” prayer. Cindy Jacobs called Jolene and me up to pray and seal the release. 

And thanks to high level prophets representing 20 nations, as well as a global online audience, Turnaround Tuesday has instantly become a global phenomenon! 

Lamplighter family, we’ve been talking about the potential for this for a while now. Lou Engle called us in mid-June. Out of the middle of nowhere. As we shared in our relaunch posting, Lou and Therese had been praying that morning and received a very similar word to our “Turnaround Tuesday” mandate. When mutual friend Cheryl Amabile heard Lou describe it, she immediately referenced our Turnaround Tuesday prayer projects and the miracle salvation that accompanied it. 

Then last week at the ACPE, our paths crossed in an unmistakeable, sovereign-hand-of-God kind of way. We cut out time early Wednesday morning to connect. Amazingly, just a few hours before, Lou’s wife Therese called to tell him how mutual friends had heard the Lord say to take every Tuesday to pray for their children. Like just the day before!

Can’t make this stuff up. 

Lou was literally scheduled to launch the Global Prophetic Summit. And he completely shifted his message to TURNAROUND TUESDAY. Such a fiery word on the Elijah call to contend for our children and rescue them from the grip of the enemy!

Again. Very simply, you cannot make this stuff up. 

Before I go on, LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY YOU HAVE BEEN THE FORERUNNERS OF THIS MOVEMENT. Not a coincidence it was birthed with Heaven’s grace—and then went global instantly! Our gratitude is immeasurable. And so is your reward from the Throne.

Now, lets do this together!

Here are three major goals to achieve together.
1. LETS CONTEND! This movement is at the core of a holy uprising by parents to rescue their children from the abhorrent dictates thrust upon them in this season. Lets engage together in fasting and prayer each Tuesday for our sons and daughters. Set your course now to engage both immediately and long-term. Pray not only for your children, but for the Turnaround Tuesday movement to flourish and expand.

Note that special “Turnaround Tuesday” calls are in the works. We are projected to begin on Tuesday, November 30, the night before the Supreme Court hearing on the Mississippi abortion case. It’s also the second night of Hanukkah. Mark your calendars now! 

2. START A GROUP! Get with your friends and establish prayer together every Tuesday. Encourage your pastors to start Turnaround Tuesday prayer meetings. 

3. SPREAD THE WORD! Overload the inboxes of leaders and friends with this post and others. Pass it on through social media. Write your own post. Get it out!

4. SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY! Maybe you have a story of God’s dramatic intervention for your son or daughter. Write it up and share it! A new website is going up as soon as we can put it together, and we’d like to showcase many of your stories. 

5. LETS COME TOGETHER IN OUR GIVING! Obviously funding is needed immediately. Infrastructure for the Turnaround Tuesday project, including prayer calls, the new website, videos, graphics, and communications nationally and internationally, must be built with excellence. Please sow to the Spirit and lets together reap the harvest so profoundly close to Jesus’ heart!

I know this is a lot to absorb. So let me close with a final prophetic story.

Last Tuesday, a day before Lou and I talked, the Lord gave me a vision. I was worshiping during the opening of the GPC, eyes closed and hands up in front of me. My eyes opened, only to see a NEWBORN BABY cradled in my hands! The child was dressed in blue and was sleeping soundly. Not knowing what the Lord was saying or even what to do, I raised this baby in my hands and committed him to the Lord. 

Our prophetic roundtable had fervently prayed the day before over the abortion issue. We sought the Lord to annul covenants with death and hell empowering abortion at a root level. I felt the sudden appearance of this baby was Heaven’s confirmation that the shift has been mandated—and backed by God’s own hand—from death to LIFE. Cindy invited me to share the vision with the prophets gathered. 

Lou Engle actually referred to the vision during our meeting. “Jon, maybe the child you saw is actually this turnaround movement!” And all I could say is YES…

“Sing o barren woman, break forth into shouts of joy, for more are the children of the desolate woman than the children of the married wife. Expand the curtains of your tent. Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. You will break forth to the right and to the left, and your offspring will possess the nations!” (Isaiah 54).