REVOLUTION 2022 | December 30, 2022-January 1, 2023
With Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Jon & Jolene, more

Location: Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. 

To register click below. Note that seating is limited and registration fees are non-refundable.

TUESDAY OCT. 18—TURNAROUND TUESDAY! Take time for contending prayer for your sons and daughters. Weekly broadcast 1pm ET!

TUESDAY OCT. 18 Watch COME HOME! Jennifer Mallan Show featuring interview with Jon & Jolene. Channel 22 Tampa or

WE ARE SO EXCITED to announce Revolution 2022, through New Years Eve into the new year! Our only priority is to encounter the HOLY. Moving into 2023 means moving into the new—even a new era. What a key time for the Spirit of God to breathe fresh life, VISION and holy fire into you, bringing invigoration and power for you to prepare the way. 

Registration is open now! Note that attendance will be limited to 200, so please register early to secure your seat. All registration fees are non-refundable. 

Timing for Revolution Confirmed Last Night!
Note also that we are releasing this invitation on the final day of the Feast of Tabernacles. Last night we attended a local prophetic conference, where our friends Ken Fish and Becca Greenwood spoke. The Lord brought Becca into a prophetic action to unlock God’s timing for the metro DC region. She referenced a word by Redonnia Jackson during her time in Brunswick. “Tick Tock to the Holy Clock!”

As gatekeepers in the region, Jolene and I were asked to help in this prophetic action as well. I shared how the antichrist spirit seeks to change times, seasons and laws. God is bringing a turnaround in this, restraining these forces and realigning us with His Throne Room timing. We prayed to become synergized and “synched up” with Him!

Ken Fish then pointed out two things. First, special ops teams always “synch up,” or set their watches together, just before launching their assignments. God’s army is synching up! Then he shared that as of last night we were exactly 77 days from entering into 2023. Ken felt it was a significant time TO KEEP WATCH with the focus of aligning ourselves, the body of Christ, and the nation with HEAVEN’S TIMING. 

We couldn’t agree more. Ken pointed out that this event is marked, of course, by the ball dropping in NYC. Of course he had no idea he was also prophesying directly into the time period we had just reserved for Revolution 2022. 

So please keep watch. And join us for Revolution 2022! IT IS TRULY TIME to enter into the new. Forerunner pathways are being carved out. You are being summoned for a time of recalibration and realignment by His Spirit. NO KING BUT JESUS!