Author: Jon + Jolene Hamill

Hinge of History: Supreme Court Prayer Update

Lamplighter Ministries Remember to sign up for LAMPostings! Click here to sign up.  Hinge of history. The words intercessors have prayed for years was echoed by Rep. Michele Bachmann at a press conference in front of the Supreme Court today. As you will see in our video prayer alert below, Rep. Bachmann believes that the coming verdict on Obamacare will shift our nation either towards freedom or repression. VIDEO ALERT: SUPREME COURT UPDATE It is vital to continue watching and praying for the Supreme Court until their verdict is announced! Our video also shares insights from Pierre Bynum, national prayer director for the FRC, and more. Please share the posting with friends who will pray! New Prayer Project Tomorrow! Speaking of which… Tomorrow we begin a new 21 day prayer project that runs through Passover. We feel strongly, as do many other prophetic friends, that this Passover is unique in purpose and divine activity. So join us for a time of consecration, fasting and prayer as we move into God’s timetable for advancement. We will be posting regularly, though not every day, throughout this time. Passover Gathering Our project culminates with a special Passover gathering. Join Randy Demain, conference pastor Karen Austin, Jolene and me for an incredible time in Morgantown WV this April 13-15! More info at Jon & Jolene this Saturday! Finally, Jolene and I...

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Prayer Alert! Supreme Court Tries Obamacare

LAMPLIGHTER MINISTRIES  | RPN-MD | HAPN-US Prayer Alert! Supreme Court Tries Obamacare Click above for video! Including interview with Pierre Bynum, FRC. LAMPostings! New from Lamplighter. Click here to sign up! Thanks so much for your intercession for Jolene. This has been a breakthrough week for her. She is in much less pain, and the doctors are giving us an encouraging report on her leg and ankle. Please keep praying, in Jesus’ Name! And thank you for missing us! A few friends have noted that we haven’t been posting since Capitol Cry. Caring for Jolene has been my honor and focus for this season. It just means we haven’t gotten out much, and haven’t been writing as much. We are still in DC, and still in prayer! Additionally, we have been working behind the scenes to upgrade our media capacities. Today truly marks a new beginning in our communication with you. We are very excited! Video Alert! Supreme Court Hears Obamacare Case First, we will occasionally produce video presentations on various subjects. Our first is a prayer alert regarding the Obamacare hearing at the Supreme Court. Click below for video: Prayer Alert! Supreme Court Tries Obamacare In our interview, Pierre Bynum of the Family Research Council shares how this bill secures the most expansive abortion program since Roe v Wade in 1973. The nation is in the balance! Please focus your...

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Dawn's Early Light!

Though this word was our directive for 2011, it seems more relevant now than ever before. And it makes a good beginning for our new LAMPostings blog! Below is Dawn’s Early Light, as it originally appeared on the Elijah List. For God’s crossover people and for our nation, I believe a new day has been decreed. Over the past few months we have watched with the Lord for breakthrough. Nationally, a window of opportunity has now been opened to turn our nation back to God. For 2011, it’s time to stand for a full release of this Great Return, where multitudes disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the table of the Lord! Lets allow the Holy Spirit to refresh us. But in the midst of refreshing, lets strengthen our resolve to advance. Dawn’s early light is beginning to shine! Anthem for our Hour A few years ago, Holy Spirit began to speak to me that our National Anthem is prophetic for this hour of history. This year marked the 196th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key, a native of Frederick MD. It is as though Key saw into our day and its challenges. The song of his day prophesies to saints in our day the potential for victory in the battles we now face! This “new song” was birthed in the midst of...

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