Breaking news—200 US Generals and Admirals have warned Congress against the current nuclear deal with Iran. Please keep praying. Even the generals are perceiving Capitol Hill as a last line of defense!

We posted yesterday about torches that the Gideons of this hour are being summoned to pick up. Thank you again Lynnie Harlow!

In a vision Tuesday I saw burning torches on the ground, strewn all across Long Island. I felt the Lord wanted me to minister on this last night. Initially there was a lot of resistance in the spirit, but the intercessors in the meeting picked up on it immediately and pressed through to breakthrough.

Holy Spirit began to move powerfully, and we all began to receive our torches. Immediately as we did I heard the Lord say, “The torches are tied to your inheritance!” I saw how each torch was specifically placed, and represented a sphere of authority, promise and blessing the Lord was now ready to illuminate.

I hope each of you took some time to pick up your torches. As Lynnie prophesied yesterday, they are truly tied to God’s covenant promise! For the first time, I saw in a different way how these torches even may be tied to your inheritance geographically in the earth.

Want examples? God came to Abraham with a smoking fire-pot and a burning lamp to confirm the inheritance God promised to him—Israel, both the land and people.

God came to Gideon with a command to “divorce Baal” by tearing down the altar to Baal and Ashthoreh and restore the altar to the Lord. The Lord then called him and his “special ops” army to pick up their torches. With burning lamps and the sound of the trumpets, the multinational army set against them was routed, and they repossessed Israel, their inheritance!

All this to say, I believe the torches you picked up are genuinely tied to your inheritance.  See, believe and possess! Together we can take back our nation for Jesus!

Covenant blessings to each of you…Storm-Beacon-8-18-to-9-11