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Celebrate with us! From Jerusalem Day through June 6, we are honoring God’s work through Lamplighter as we celebrate our 10th anniversary! To make a donation click here

FIRST—SHIELDS UP! Our nation and world continue to mourn the “slaughter of innocents” from the suicide bombing in Manchester, England. Terrorist threats continue. Please keep watch over Europe and the United States. Pray especially for the G7 meetings in Brussels as President Trump culminates his first overseas trip. 

Remember the Lord asked us in a dream to cover Trump’s second 100 days in prayer. He spoke that the second hundred days would be as important as the first. Definitely proven true—for him and for us. Please keep all vigilance!

Jerusalem Day—Lamplighter’s 10th Anniversary!
Today is actually Jerusalem Day. And for President Trump to visit Jerusalem at this time, after making such a historic speech in Saudi Arabia, was incredible. 

Jerusalem Day celebrates the 50th anniversary of this ancient capital’s restoration under Israeli sovereignty. It also marks a personal milestone. Because on Jerusalem Day just a decade ago, Jolene and I took a leap of faith and launched full-time with Lamplighter Ministries! 

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the journey we’d be on. Engaged in extraordinary prayer and ministry to see our nation return to God’s covenant dream. Relocating suddenly to Washington DC. Ministering extensively in Israel—from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem. Ichabod erased, and glory released! Seeing even national elections impacted.

And taking this whole journey with you all, Lamplighter family, every step of the way. 

Thank you Lord Jesus for all the God-sized prayers You have answered, all words from Your heart we’ve been privileged to share, all the miracles we’ve seen, the abundant provision You have granted. Through it all, You have kept our flame burning bright. No King but Jesus! 

And Lamplighter family, we again feel so privileged to make this journey with you. Connecting together each Wednesday. Engaging in projects and investing in His work. Praying and obeying, sometimes sacrificially, to see God’s dream realized.

Why Jerusalem Day? Bob Jones Prophecy
Following the Hebrew calendar as well as our own has its benefits. Jolene and I were married on December 20, 2003—the first day of Hanukkah. And launched Lamplighter on June 6, 2007—Jerusalem Day. So in both cases, we get to celebrate two anniversaries. Double portion!

Please understand, we didn’t plan it this way. The Lord sovereignly orchestrated our steps. I’ve shared much about His amazing work during our wedding—how the unity candle of our menorah supernaturally lit, etc—but until today I haven’t shared too much about our launch into full-time ministry. 

I have to admit we were very content with life just the way it was. Every day working for the Department of Homeland Security was an honor. Jolene was enjoying a successful career as a mortgage broker. We were living in Frederick MD, in a wonderful townhome. Jonathan and Ashley were in racing through their final years of high school. 

Our lives were about to change—dramatically. In the summer of 2006, Jolene and I met Bob Jones for the first time. He prophesied over us that June 6, 2007 would mark a significant shift both for the nation, and for us personally. 

June 6, he explained, would mark the 40th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification under Israel after the Six Day War. Jerusalem Day. And Bob prophesied that to celebrate this date, the Lord is giving His Bride a gift—moving His people from the wilderness to the Promised Land, into the Spirit

We were told by Bob to pay close attention to the Lord for personal direction regarding this date. Now he didn’t come right out and say it, but it was clear from his word that the Lord was calling us into full-time ministry. Bob shared that he had actually seen me in a vision decades before, when the Lord showed him specific end-time leaders he was called to impact. He actually said, “I’ve met you before,” referring to the vision. Because it was was simply that personal to him.

What a heavy word. Seen by Bob Jones decades before, selected to be part of God’s restoration work in our nation and world. To help shift His people from a wilderness season into the Spirit. How this journey has unfolded is nothing less than miraculous. 

“Your Nation Needs You”
Jolene and I took an entire year to prepare for our launch into full-time ministry. We prayed much. We sowed sacrificially into many Kingdom ministries as led by the Lord. Other than that we saved every penny. 

But I have to admit I was reluctant when the time actually came to shift. My contract employer for Homeland Security asked me to stay on. He even generously offered more vacation time coupled with a significant salary increase—approaching six figures!

It truly seemed like I could have the best of both worlds. Increased financial security at Homeland Security, doing a job I loved. With more time to do ministry on the side! 

But when Jolene and I sought the Lord, He spoke simply to me, “Your nation needs you.” 

At first I thought I heard wrong. How could I do more on behalf of the nation than working for Homeland Security? Of course there was no way to know we’d soon have a President who would openly repudiate America as a Christian nation. Or that our borders would become intentionally compromised. Or that Iran would soon be favored over Israel. Or that Christians would soon be intentionally marginalized within the halls of government.

Only in retrospect would I come to see the importance of this shift into full-time ministry. Timing indeed is everything. We are forever grateful for God’s foresight. So that by His grace we could become a catalyst for the restoration we had little idea our Nation would so desperately need. 

God only promised that He would shift His bride out of the wilderness and into the Spirit. Who knew that we would soon be engaged in the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in our Nation’s history—divorcing Baal. Or that we would be ordained by James Goll—on Pentecost 2010—in Herrnhut, Germany! With Prayer Storm, tending the global Moravian Lampstand of 24-7 prayer, later entrusted into our care!

Or that we would soon be invited to see our Nation’s covenant with Jesus Christ restored in Washington DC, validated by Heaven’s Court and confirmed by an unprecedented earthquake… prophesied years before! You cannot make this stuff up.

And who could imagine that, in the midst of America’s greatest spiritual challenges, God would launch an end-time movement of spiritual revolution—right in DC—and invite us to the forefront. Crown and Throne—kingly, governmental intercession that shifts the destiny of nations. A torch carried by so many friends, impacting Israel, America, and the nations to see covenant restored and His glory released.

We have indeed seen His work in our midst! Judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints. A limited window for national turnaround has absolutely been opened. Our alliance with Israel has been repaired—even sealed on the eve of Jerusalem Day, the 10th anniversary of Lamplighter. 

We are humbled to enter the next phase of this work with the Lord and with you. Together we will see God’s glory restored. Out of the wilderness and into the Spirit!