JULY 19—YOUR EXODUS TODAY! TURNAROUND TUESDAY1PM ET. Live from Plymouth Harbor! With special guests Kevin Jessip and Jerry Perera. Joined by Adam Schindler, Jon & Jolene. Join us for a 45 minute zoom call. Invite your friends to join us! 

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7-22 THE TURNAROUND AT FANEUIL HALL. With Dutch Sheets, Chris Mitchell Jr, Adam Schindler, worship by Jamie Fitt. Save the day, make plans now! 

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Dear friends,
THE TIME FOR YOUR EXODUS HAS COME. Jolene and I are SO EXCITED to connect with you live from Plymouth Harbor as we prepare for the special Friday gathering at Faneuil Hall! The words resound in my spirit that the commitment of our fathers is the calling of our time. Further, the Exodus of our fathers is yours today! More in this in a moment. 

We are honored to have incredible guests joining us, including Kevin Jessip, host of the Return gathering in Washington DC, the Renewal gathering in FL, and is president of Global Strategic Alliance. 

Also we have with us Jerry Perera, director of the Leyden  Preservation Group, dedicated to perpetuating the covenantal legacy of the Pilgrims. We are honored to be broadcasting from the original Pilgrim home, which they steward for God’s glory!

7-22: Date the Pilgrims Launched their Exodus
Our Pilgrim forefathers set sail for the New World on 7-22, 1620. Today the legacy of freedom they forged is in the balance. Very clearly it is now time to receive God’s verdict, exit subjugation and possess our inheritance! 

Tune in to our Turnaround Tuesday broadcast for more. And be sure you have signed up for our email list. We will share much more Wednesday and Friday. Also, you can still register for the Boston event! To register for The Turnaround on Eventbrite click link above. 

And the Lord bless you as you contend in prayer for your sons and daughters. LET MY CHILDREN GO!