Matt Lockett and JHOP-DC team members have held vigil outside the Supreme Court for an entire decade as of today.


Yom Kippur culminates tonight at sundown! You are God’s royalty, His priests, His army. Please bring the sacrificial Lamb before His Throne for family and region, for your nation, for Israel and the nations.

Thank you for your generosity as we take time off the road to focus on Davids Tent/ DC prayer. As you know, the hour is so critical. To donate to Lamplighter, please click here.

How extraordinary that today, Yom Kippur 2014, marks the 10-year anniversary of the Justice House of Prayer! Lamplighter Ministries celebrates Matt and Kim Lockett and the JHOP-DC team. Thank you for your silent and unrelenting witness on behalf of the unperceived cries of the unborn. Thank you for faithfully presenting Jesus Christ’s body and blood continually before the Highest Court of the Kingdom, and the highest courts of our land.

Your decade of prayer has helped release us into a new season of God’s justice at this very hour. As the seals open and the scrolls in Jesus’ hand are unveiled, history will soon bear witness to the debt of gratitude owed you by kings and senators, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, soldiers and pastors and intercessors—by an entire nation.

And you will then discover how multitudes of children—resting now in glory, known but to God—race to embrace you as their Mom and Dad. You have always heard their cries. I pray you hear the laughter of their delight in you, even now.

Jon & Jolene