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Pleading this Righteous Cause
“By standing on the platform before the joint session of Congress and the world, Prime Minister Netanyahu is in effect saying like Esther, “If I lose, I lose. But I must come and plead this righteous cause for the preservation of Israel”—from posting.

Terry Deckard is a hero and a great friend. When we first met, Terry was living in Washington DC, spending her life intervening on behalf of impoverished African nations and interceding for God’s dream for America and Israel. It was a sad day for us all when she moved back to her beloved Houston TX!

Terry now heads prayer for USIEA, the US Israel Education Association. Under the direction of Heather Johnson, the USIEA hosts privately-funded tours for members of Congress. “Our role is to serve in education to leaders of Congress in relation to Israel,” Terry notes. “Government to government.”

Government to government—in other words, providing a forum for US governmental leaders to befriend and interface with Israeli governmental leaders over the course of their careers. That’s huge!

Considering her lifelong devotion for Israel and intercession for Congress, we want to compel you to take Terry’s Purim insights praying for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to heart. Be an Esther for this hour—pray and act!

Jon and Jolene, on your Lamplighter call this past Wednesday, many people were praying for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his upcoming “Esther moment” before the joint session of Congress on the eve of Purim. As you’ll see, I believe we need to continue praying fervently for this moment!

Acuity—Marlene’s Prayer Hit the Mark!
I want you to know that Marlene Brubaker’s ending prayer released an impartation for acuity and acuteness into the intercession of the people of God. Marlene prayed for clarity, and I received a breakthrough! That release struck me personally as being potent and powerful as it went out, and I am confident hit the homes of intercessors and watchmen all over our Nation. It caused me to press in far more to know the heart of God and His timing in these matters, so critical in this hour.

We are truly in a Purim moment. In pondering the story, it became more “acutely” clear that this IS an Esther moment for the Prime Minister who is coming to plead the case of Israel’s national defense, and the defense of the world as well. This in light of the current disastrous nuclear negotiations with modern Persia, a country whose leaders remain the most bold these days to spout their desire for the annihilation of Israel and all Jews.

Netanyahu’s Esther Moment
At the same time, just as in Esther’s day, gallows are actually being built for this Prime Minister both in the spirit and the natural, here and in Israel, to undermine his election and any success his coming could have. Unfortunately, the actions of many of our own leaders have helped shape them!

And by standing on the platform before the joint session of Congress and the world, Prime Minister Netanyahu is in effect saying like Esther, “If I lose, I lose. But I must come and plead this righteous cause for the preservation of Israel.”

Our Platform of Intercession
Surely, the Lord has given the platform to the man for this hour to do his part to save and protect his country. This caused me to ask the question …. Is the Lord offering to His people here in America a platform for intercession … with increased acuity? Perhaps this is an Esther moment for “we the people” to plead our case for the success of this man’s speaking before those we have elected to legislate righteously and serve the people who elected them.

In Esther’s time, the king extended his scepter of favor toward her and essentially all Jews in all provinces under his control.  To contradict the Haman-manipulated edict to kill all Jews, the king gave a new edict which gave power to all Jews to slay man, woman and child who were their enemies. This favor, which came on the Jews with this new edict, was so great that it brought fear on all who hated them in every province of the king. That was a world issue, just as it is today.

YES WE CAN! We the People can Reverse the Decree!
Thus, can “We the people” welcome the leader of Israel … ostensibly the ONE world leader today who holds the moral standard among all nations for people to be governed with godliness and peace?  Though the red carpet has not been rolled out by diplomatic channels, can “We the people” roll out the red carpet through our prayers, welcoming the Spirit of the Lord to give voice in this hour?

Here’s what I believe—YES WE CAN. And by this we can shift the atmosphere and turn the tide against the spirit of Haman seeking to destroy Israel and this nation as well. This is our time to press in ever more seeking the scepter of the favor of our God to extend toward our nation and deliver Israel AND America!

Friends, let our increased acuity begin right now! Please pause and take time right where you are to intercede for PM Netanyahu and Tuesday’s speech. Let us pray that just as the gallows built by Haman were turned to be used to his demise, that the Lord God Almighty will turn the spirit of Haman against itself and rid us from all its effects!

And, let the words of prophet James Goll, be fulfilled—that one phrase comes forth from Benjamin Netanyahu that becomes the repeated essence of “the Message of the Hour” from our God!

Valuing Humility, Honor, Respect
A final thought. Note that Haman moved in secret plots and presumption in relating to the King, while Esther remained in a place of humility before her husband the King. She petitioned him in genuineness “if you are willing” and “if it pleases the King”.

Friends, we do not want to fall into presumption here—we want to be as far from Haman’s gallows as possible! As a longtime devoted friend of our King Jesus, I encourage you to approach Him with all due honor and respect instead of pride and presumption. Like Esther in her hour, lets remain in this same place of genuine humility, and see our King’s scepter extended before us.

And as PM Netanyahu stands in the courts of God and men, we together with him will plead this righteous cause!