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TWENTY YEARS AGO THIS SEPTEMBER 11, Americans watched in horror as workers at the World Trade Center chose to drop from the twin towers rather than face incineration. Terrorists based in Afghanistan had hijacked US planes and directed them into the very epicenters of America’s commerce, military and government.

TODAY AFGHANIS ARE NOW CLINGING TO THE WINGS of US rescue planes in hopeless attempts to escape alongside America’s civilian personnel now fleeing the Taliban takeover of Kabul. Horrifically, the few who make it past takeoff are falling from the skies. In the spirit and the natural, many are clinging to the wings of a broken eagle. 

Reckless Decisions Unleash Tragedy
PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN accelerated the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, completely confident that the Taliban would remain in check by the US-trained Afghan military—even though many of his top brass completely disagreed. Biden’s reckless withdrawal has forced us to completely abandon the US-backed Afghan government, and the multitudes of women and children especially whose freedom from abuse depended on the fulfillment of our commitment. 

Christians in the underground church are now being hunted and viciously martyred by the newly “inclusive” Taliban. 

On the home front, America’s warriors are again bearing the brunt of the pain. Biden’s failure in Afghanistan has completely dishonored the countless veterans who fought and sacrificed and died as guardians of their future, and ours. 

When Obama Ceded Iraq to ISIS
Nine years ago, President Biden’s predecessor Barack Obama ceded Iraq to ISIS after the US withdrawal from the war. Obama called it a failure of intelligence. Yet clear intelligence warning of ISIS’ immediate intention to invade was on Obama’s desk many weeks before the the borders were actually breached. ISIS soon overtook the very villages, cities and oil fields our soldiers had fought and died to secure. Countless thousands of Christians were martyred, as well as Yazidis and their fellow Muslims. Women and children were raped and forced into servitude as sex slaves. 

Finally a new President, Donald Trump, prevailed to defeat ISIS. But until then the terror network remained the strongest and wealthiest in modern history. 

Trump, Afghanistan and the Taliban
Astoundingly, Joe Biden actually blamed Trump for Afghanistan’s horrific fall. The reason is because Trump officials had negotiated a power-sharing contract between the Taliban and the Afghan government as a mandated step towards a US military withdrawal. 

But there’s no way that Trump would have put up with any measure of a Taliban takeover that breached this agreement. Most likely he would have ordered it stopped in its tracks. American troops would have engaged, and many warriors would have undoubtedly returned home wounded or killed. 

But the Taliban would have been stopped. And the preservation of longstanding gains made by America towards a more free, equal and prosperous Afghanistan would have been insisted upon.

How America’s Enemies are Benefiting
Here’s a haunting question. What nation will gain a primary influence in a post-American Afghanistan? That seems to be China, who has already offered the Taliban a vast array of security services. This pattern was also played out in Iraq as a slow, steady Iran gained a prevailing influence that centuries of war had never gained for them.  

By the way, most Americans don’t fully realize the extent to which Iran was involved in the September 11 attacks. 

As we’ve shared before, Iran is allegedly only weeks away from gaining the capacity for a nuclear weapon. Israel and America are both in their crosshairs. 

Holding Leaders Responsible
ON THE 2OTH ANNIVERSARY OF 9-11, ONE THING IS SURE—radical terrorism is now being re-empowered globally at a scale far greater than ever. Whatever side of the aisle you fall on, you cannot deny this global scourge has been accelerated by reckless decisions by President Biden. Given the technological advances made by terrorist networks and nations, the risk should be considered existential.

Oh. I see. You thought I was just being political when prophetically warning that decisions made in November 2020 would either align America with our covenantal foundations or imperil our freedom at a magnitude we could only barely perceive. That warning remains at the core of our book White House Watchmen, released a year ago. And it is proving true. 

As it stands, given the clear documentation of election fraud, I do not believe God considers the American majority to be responsible for these decisions. The blood is not on our hands. Instead the same elite group that has empowered illicit governance in America must now be held responsible for the illicit governance in Afghanistan, and the horrific injustices unleashed. 

My earnest, naive prayer is that all expressions of illicit governance speedily turn, replaced by governmental leaders who truly reflect and empower genuine freedom. Our greatest catalyst in this quest remains prayer. It’s your time to RETURN, WATCH AND ENGAGE.

No King but Jesus…