Tonight! Wednesday night prayer call, 9PM EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

Jolene and I are on the final day of our prayer tour with Rachel Hickson before returning home to DC. Yesterday was exceptional as we prayed at the Peace Arch and the northwest gate of our nation. What an honor to see God’s covenant sealed from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem!

Today as you’ll see, a very significant window has opened with national and global influence. PLEASE PRAY NOW!

A Year of Windows
Remember we are in a year of windows—windows of Heaven, and windows of opportunity. On December 31, the Lord admonished us not to concentrate on doors, but on windows, and to ask Him to align our timing this year with the windows He desires to open.

Because when the windows of Heaven open, the windows of opportunity open—and so will the doors. But if we access doors before His window of opportunity opens, the true and tangible benefits will be negligible.

Windows of Heaven, Windows of Opportunity
And when the windows of Heaven open, so do the unprecedented windows of opportunity to redefine our world.

Another way to say this is that revival always opens the door to society-changing innovation. I wrote in Crown & Throne about this consistent parallel. The First Great Awakening launched both the American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. The Second Great Awakening, with its confrontation of slavery, led to the Civil War and a precedent-setting completion of our founders’ cry that all men are truly created equal.

And in Seattle in the 1970s, the extraordinary Charismatic renewal opened the window to a literal revolution with global impact. The Episcopal priest Dennis Bennett and others unleashed the Charismatic renewal to the Episcopal and Catholic churches. A window of Heaven opened in Seattle.

Concurrently with this, a window of opportunity opened for Bill Gates to start a technological that has literally redefined our world!

Today we have the privilege of actually experiencing both of these Seattle legacies I wrote about in Crown & Throne. Please take time NOW to pray on our behalf! Pray in the Spirit. Ask the Lord to grant supernatural favor, access, accuracy and authority by the Holy Spirit!

Vision—Windows to the World
When I first visited Washington State in June 2007, the Lord gave me a vision of His “windows to the world.” (My apologies to longstanding Lamplighter readers, as I’ve shared this many times throughout the years).

Though key elements of the vision are clearly directed towards Washington, the startling experience continues to penetrate my conscience and compel our ministry today. It compelled me to touch Sierra Leone last year, and to keep watch through the Ebola crisis. But in reading this again, I am so convicted that we must do more.

Please keep in mind I knew very little about the landscape of the region when I first arrived. It was a joy to discover how naturally prophetic and visionary God’s people are in the Northwest.

That said, we were ministering in Mount Vernon WA when I saw a vision of a white, revolving rooftop restaurant with a view to the entire world. Well-dressed waiters were bringing the finest of culinary fare to big-pocketed clients as they glided slowly past the restaurant’s many windows. The windows of the restaurant gave quite literally a world vision—a window to the world. It was like each window brought the viewer onsite to nations that were the poorest of the poor.

In one window, a poorly-nourished widow from India was trying to breastfeed her infant child. I saw families in Haiti, Cambodia, in the Americas, on Native American reservations. The well-suited clients would cut their steaks, glance at the people passing through the windows, and then return to their conversations as if they had just forgotten what they saw.

One young child from Africa, naked and with an enlarged belly marking the beginning stages of starvation, came towards the restaurant and literally pressed his face up to the window, as if straining to peer into the insulated world inside. I saw the couple at the table look away.

And then the rooftop restaurant literally collapsed from within, into a large green lake. All who were gazing into the windows of the world had suddenly become submerged in this green lake and began to drown. They were still inside the restaurant.

Through this vision the Lord was bearing witness to the cry that resounds within His Word not to neglect the poor.

Many of us “from Washington to Washington” are being strongly encouraged to keep our eyes and hearts open to the plight of the least of the least. Preservation and blessing depends on heeding this call to generosity, remembering that the wealthiest Man in the world divested all to redeem us all. Lets all resolve to follow in His footsteps!

Then He will answer them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.’ (Matthew 25:45).

Covenant blessings and OPEN WINDOWS to each of you,

Jon & Jolene