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DEAR FRIENDS,THE IMAGE OF THE PROTECTOR was shaken and shattered just before Memorial Day, as details emerged of police mishandling the heartbreaking Uvalde school shooting. The lives of nineteen elementary school students and two teachers were mercilessly taken. Our hearts and prayers remain with the families of the victims, with the tearchers, and with the police and first responders struggling to process this harrowing, senseless tragedy.

Perhaps our expectations were set too high. From Seal Team to SWAT to the Memorial Day weekend release of Top Gun 2, it has become engrained in American culture to believe that impossible odds can be defied. Doors can be breached in moments. Bad guys can be taken down. Endangered lives can be saved. Heroes will risk all to save the day. 

But this Memorial Day weekend, it did not happen that way. What was confirmed once again is that satanic forces absolutely have targeted the children of this generation. 

Becoming a Protector in Prayer—Will Ford Joins
What can counter the onslaught but God’s intervention through prayer? And through prayer, it’s time for you and me to become the Protectors that we may expect others to be on behalf of ensuing generations. That’s what Turnaround Tuesday is all about. 

With this at heart, I am glad you are joining us for this Turnaround Tuesday especially. Our good friend Will Ford is joining us. His name means “resolute protector” and after walking two decades with Will, I know this to be true. He is a true father. And dramatic answers to his relentless intercession have proven time and time again that the reach of God extended through prayer can conquer the impossible. 

I promise you will be uplifted and inspired through this broadcast. Don’t miss out! And again, this Memorial Day our hearts and prayers remain steadfast for God’s healing intervention on behalf of the Ulvade victims, and for all our friends in Texas. 

Covenant blessings to each of you. No King but Jesus…