Revolution DC 2016! Dec. 8-11, 2016. Thrones of Glory! With Rick Ridings, James Nesbit, Martin Frankena, Abby Abildness, Jamie Fitt, more. Whole Word-the Gate, Oakton VA. More information at


Dear friends,

Especially with the historic turnaround in the 2016 elections, “revolution” has become the buzzword for the hour. And with good reason. Because every revolution is fought to establish new government.

It’s time for a new way forward! With this in mind, there is no better time to gather in Washington DC than right now.

The governance of God’s Kingdom is our quest. With Jesus overshadowing the thrones of our nation and the thrones of our hearts. With every sphere transformed by His love and power, first in your own life.

One Day Can Make All The Difference
For this reason, we are offering two special options on Friday. You can go onsite with a team to pray in Washington DC as the new government takes shape. We are also offering you a one-day seminar Friday as part of Revolution 2016 that is completely devoted to your personal breakthrough.

Our friend Martin Frankena is uniquely gifted as a pioneer in healing and deliverance from present challenges and generational curses. Martin works with great ease and precision by the Holy Spirit. And breakthroughs come quicker and easier than anything we have ever experienced.

Want to see a turnaround in your life? Want to get cleaned up spiritually after this season of engagement? Want to see Washington DC empowered and on track? One day can truly make all the difference.

Why Revolution?
A friend asked us why we call our annual gathering a “Revolution.” The short answer is obvious—Jesus is revolutionary! He lived, died, rose again, and bares His arm today to secure His people in freedom. That’s revolutionary!

And Jesus is calling you as a spiritual revolutionary in this hour. Do you want to live for a higher call—to transform your spheres, to redefine your world? Revolution 2016 will equip you to succeed.

“We will have no Sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus.” This aspiration drove every battle of the American Revolution, and it defines our battles today. America was summoned by God to ignite a global revolution from dictatorship, bringing freedom in three interconnected spheres:

  • Government—replacing political dictatorship with a constitutional republic “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” No King but Jesus!
  • Finance—replacing financial dictatorship, or rule by the elites, with a free market system. Fueled by revolutionary innovation and hard work, generating covenant wealth. Replacing subjugation and prejudice with economic opportunity FOR ALL!
  • Faith—replacing religious dictatorship with the “free exercise of religion” founded upon our national covenant with Jesus Christ. Propelling us into moves of national awakening and revival, unlocking the revolutionary innovation that redefines our world.

Our freedom in each of these spheres has been radically compromised these past few years. Today’s spiritual revolution has actually been fought to restore these covenantal foundations. Turnaround! Back on track! Moving towards a better future.

And as you’ll see, that’s what we can expect this coming year.

Thrones of Glory
The Hebraic year 5777 is the year of the “crowned vav.” Prophetically, Jesus is intent on meeting our covenant commitment with His glory and governance! With this, we will become a throne of glory to our Father’s house (Isaiah 22:23).

In this “crowned vav” year, our team felt strongly that the Lord is greatly accelerating the “Crown & Throne movement” nationally and internationally. This priority is the focal point of our gathering. It’s why we decided to draw together as a community rather than inviting a multitude of outside leaders.

Each speaker at Revolution 2016 is uniquely gifted to impact your life.

Rick and Patti Ridings prophesied the Crown & Throne movement in Washington DC in January, 2012. As directors of Succat Hallel Jerusalem, they have devoted themselves to 24-7 worship as a Throne of Glory on Mount Zion and throughout the Mideast.

James Nesbit captures visions of the Eternal through prophetic art. As a forerunning prophet and worship leader, he established a 24-7 Throne of Glory in Washington for 40 days in 2011 that set the course for Davids Tent as well as other prayer regional prayer movements.

Martin Frankena is gifted by the Lord Jesus Christ as a teacher and catalyst of personal transformation through healing and deliverance.  Preparing and equipping you to become a throne of glory!

Abby Abildness just completed a documentary on William Penn and the godly foundations of America’s government. She has devoted her life to seeing the covenantal values of our government’s original framers restored to direct our future.

Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David resound the sounds of Heaven’s Throne through real-time prophetic worship. They are dedicated to developing community with every tongue, tribe and nation together becoming a Throne of Glory.

Jon and Jolene Hamill are consumed by a prophetic promise that God’s glory is now being restored. They recently completed a 50 state “Glory Train” journey of prayer and revival.

Jesus is the Focus. We have plans, we have schedules. But the greatest part of every Revolution gathering is when the Lord Jesus Himself comes and moves in our midst. For this reason, Revolution 2016 is dedicated to fostering the free flow of Holy Spirit throughout the gathering. That’s truly when we become a Throne of Glory!

Don’t be left out as the world changes around you. Instead, become equipped and empowered to make a difference in your world. We look forward to stepping together into this revolutionary window of history!