Jolene and I are heading next week to Long Island and Vermont. Please keep us in prayer! We are eager to touch New York again before September. And we are also very excited to enjoy a weekend with friends in “Newportal,” Newport VT. If you are nearby, we’d love to see you.

Perfect Storm? Maybe
Most of you know that I received a significant warning seemingly related to September 11 this year. In a dream, Washington DC was pictured on a hill by a huge cliff facing the ocean. A wave was coming that was so high it crested above our highest walls of defense. And details of the dream clearly warned of the time period around September 11.

Over the next few days I want to share some context for these warnings so that effective prayer can be mobilized to counter any work of the enemy. The date certainly seems to be a gateway into a very challenging season. Some prophets I trust and respect told me they felt the dream could even convey “a perfect storm.”

What do I feel? Above all I believe that the dream is a warning about the possible consequences of the Iran nuclear deal. That was clear from the beginning. While praying, I felt the Lord speaking to me that “Capitol Hill is a last line of defense.” The time period indicated in the dream correlates exactly with the deadline imposed on Congress to review the deal.

I believe a twofold response—of our government and the body of Christ—can lessen or avert many of the challenges we now face. This means that all the more, we feel the weight of the burden to steward this word correctly. Standing in agreement with God’s Throne to prevent what can be prevented, and also pray for the course correction that preserves and perpetuates His freedom dream for our land.

Benghazi—Context for Current Warnings
We are taking current warnings very seriously because previous alerts from the Lord have proven very accurate. This isn’t the first “911 warning” we’ve received. Today I want to explore with you a “911 warning” Jolene received in the spring of 2012. It had immediate relevance, yet is still bearing witness today.

We were ministering in Newport VT in June 2012 when Jolene awoke, startled, to the Holy Spirit speaking about September 11. As we recounted in our book Crown & Throne:

The Lord spoke to Jolene, “World War Watch… and I mean it!” Jolene knew immediately that we were not to travel and minister that summer, but to remain in DC and pray. The Holy Spirit then warned her about events between September 1-22 (surrounding 9-11). He spoke, “What is coming will affect every home in America.” No clarity was given on the events, just that this time period would be pivotal…

That evening, news broke about a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens as well as security forces from the CIA and private firms.

The scandal involving the Benghazi cover-up goes on as I write. But as tragic as this occurrence was, I believe a flood of prayers from saints across the nation kept a greater tragedy from occurring (Crown & Throne, Chapter 6, Throne Room Watchmen).

Have you ever noticed that prophetic words often are fulfilled in ways that defy our understanding? You might have noticed that now more than ever we are in a “World War Watch.” Further, September 11, 2012 truly became a game-changer. A tragic election-year crisis marked by extraordinary cover-up and deception by the current administration.

As desperate politicos manufactured stories, I believe God resolved to bring exposure. The process continues to this day.

Benghazi Probe, Server Confiscation
Like an elusive “black box” from a crashed plane, recovering the truth regarding Benghazi has been challenging. The missing “black box” now seems to be Hillary Clinton’s private server. According to, emails regarding Benghazi actually triggered the FBI’s investigation:

The FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s personal email server was triggered by two emails related to the deadly attack in Benghazi in 2012, Fox News reported Wednesday… The emails “may have triggered some alarms in the intelligence community that they were in Hillary Clinton’s private server,” Henry told “Mornings” host Maria Bartoromo. 

However the story unfolds, Jolene’s warning was very precise. Two elections and an entire generation are now being affected, not only by the tragic circumstances but especially by the ensuing cover-up. This is worth pondering!

Praying for America
Again, because of our “prayer history” related to 9-11 warnings, we are taking current warnings to heart. We are so encouraged that many of you are as well. Remember, Holy Spirit compelled us to engage in this last-minute project in the first place. Even this prompting conveys His heart that challenges be mitigated, and our nation be protected. We hope this encourages you to give yourself in prayer for our nation.

How do we pray? First, intercede in the Spirit. Pray for your leaders at the White House and on Capitol Hill. Pray for the intelligence community, that accurate intel separated from agendas would be available to all decision-makers. Pray for redemptive exposure to continue.

And above all, pray for revival in this land. Ultimately it will take a move of the Holy Spirit to counter the enemy’s encroachment. Covenant blessing to each of you!