ISRAEL ELECTIONS TODAY! Note we are 7 hours behind Israel. SO PRAY QUICK! Please keep watch…

BORDER CRISIS CALL TOMORROW! Jon will be in El Paso for special meetings and border tour. Hosting call from border. Lets press in for border turnaround amidst the unfolding crisis. BE PREPARED TO RECEIVE COMMUNION. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

JERUSALEM PRAYER BREAKFAST April 11-12, San Antonio TX with Knesset members, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, Negiel Bigpond, Lance Wallnau, many more. Don’t miss this legacy moment for America! Info and registration

HOUSTON SATURDAY NIGHT! 7pm CST, Launch Houston, with Apostle Becky Castle. 

WHO WILL RULE ISRAEL? That’s really a good question. Of course the ultimate answer is Israel’s Redeemer. The Aleph Tav, or Alpha and Omega. The Creator who cut covenant with Himself for the land and people who bear His Name. The Bridegroom who rescues Hosea’s Bride. The Savior of all mankind. The Lord of hosts, who thunders from Heaven and shakes the thresholds as He fills His house with Glory!

May it always be Lord. 

Election Prayer for Israel
Lord please come across our thresholds in this Passover season, and dwell within our spheres! And please move in the hearts of the Israeli people to select and usher into office the leader You have chosen for this new way forward. 

Remember Your covenant Lord! Please restrain forces of darkness and take Your place as the “Throne behind the throne” for this seat of authority and the leader who is chosen to occupy it. Please come alongside the newly selected Prime Minister, personally and governmentally, in all things—whichever candidate is chosen. Let gratitude and honor overtake accusation. Usher in a genuine shalom and unity for Israel by Your Ruach HaKodesh. In Jesus’ Name.

Freedom Empowered
My personal sense is that Prime Minister Netanyahu will prevail. But this is a perception, not a prophetic word. Whoever wins, our prayer coverage must only increase.

Most of you know that Jolene and I were assigned to pray onsite in Jerusalem for the previous Israel elections in 2015. At the time the former administration was actively working to destabilize Netanyahu and usher his opponent into office. Talk about election collusion! Jolene and I carried two Throne Room directives— first to repent where Washington DC had assumed authority to rule Israel. Secondly to governmentally release the Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict,” judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom—including the governmental seats ordained for them. 

And against all odds, Prime Minister Netanyahu won! On the walls of Jerusalem on election day the Lord spoke clearly to me about turnaround in our 2016 Presidential election. This simple word set the course for our 50 Glory Train journey, and for much of what we are engaged in right now. Two unprecedented election turnarounds!

It was totally my heart to dwell in Jerusalem again over Israel’s elections, ministering and praying. But the sense of urgency from the Lord simply wasn’t there. It was as though the impingement on Israel’s sovereignty and freedom were not currently a threat. The “train” had gotten back on track, and the entire political process was no longer in serious danger of being derailed.

Prophetic Directives
Here are two things I strongly sense prophetically. First—the only thing I heard again and again from the Spirit of the Lord through the election challenges was that the same verdict which ushered both Netanyahu into office will sustain them fully through their respective terms. 

Secondly, the primary challenges needing our prayer coverage will be after the elections, not during them. Especially if Prime Minister Netanyahu wins! The Prime Minister is still facing an indictment, and the brutal process surrounding this has likely sapped him and his family of strength and shalom. After a decade of leading Israel, he needs rest that only the Lord can give. And he needs Heaven’s wisdom to overcome extreme security challenges, especially with Iran but also clearly with the Gaza crisis. 

On a broader level, from biblical days with David and Solomon til now, forces of darkness have targeted many of Israel’s greatest leaders for corruption, sabotage and reproach. It is my conviction this cycle must be broken. Let a new cycle of victory and honor be established! 

Finally lets keep in mind whoever wins will immediately move into one of the greatest challenges of any leader—forming a new coalition government. That said, of the two candidates I personally believe Prime Minister Netanyahu is best positioned to build a successful coalition government and forge a new way forward. This seasoned leader deserves the honor and credibility he has gained.  Like David of old, he is positioned to usher in a new level of unity and synergy. 

Judgement in favor of the saints… releasing the saints to possess the kingdom. So please pray!

Announcing Israel Journey May 7-22!
With all this in mind it’s a good time to announce that Jolene and I are journeying to Israel next month—from May 7-22—to minister, pray and encourage as the new government gets its footing. This is as tangible an assignment from the Lord as our 2015 intercession for Israel’s election. Please cover us. Lamplighter family lets take this journey together!

We are excited to be joining Mario Bramnick and other leaders for key roundtables, for a visit to the Knesset, as well as events celebrating the one-year anniversary of the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. 

And as always with our journeys, we will receive special commissioning prayer for the Glory Train, focused on continued turnaround and the restoration of God’s governmental glory. It’s our conviction these journeys must originate in Zion, be sourced from Zion and return to Zion! Of course that’s where the overarching “glory train journey” ultimately comes to rest.

Back Through England!
Remember 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the journey of the Pilgrims to the New World. From Plymouth to Plymouth, establishing a foundational covenant with the Lord for our land! In honor of their sacred quest, Jews in Europe even called the Pilgrims “People of the Covenant.” We are making our Glory Train journey from 2019-2020 with this always at the forefront of our hearts. 

That said, our way home from Israel, Jolene and I are honored to make our first trip to England. Meetings there will be so key. This Glory Train journey will be fueled by collaboration and covenantal blessing from Israel and England! We hope to even visit Plymouth, receiving commissioning prayer from English leaders at the very place where the Mayflower launched across the Atlantic.

So from Jerusalem to England to DC and then to the 13 colonies… God’s orchestrations for this journey are nothing less than amazing. So glad to be taking it with you. NO KING BUT JESUS!