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This Turnaround Tuesday marks a double portion day for you. I know you’ve already received a posting from us today. But I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. 

You cannot make this stuff up. 

I believe the White House just spoke prophetically to the nation today—and Lamplighter family, especially to you. From their daily briefing email:

Last week’s jobs report has shined a light on the incredible gains American workers are seeing in the Trump Economy. The media, both liberal and conservative, can’t ignore the story of this remarkable turnaround:

• THE NEW YORK TIMES: Workers Hardest Hit by Recession Are Joining in Recovery

• FOX BUSINESS: Millions Drop Off Food Stamps

• THE HILL: Employment Data Hasn’t Been This Good Since the Days of the iPod

• CHICAGO TRIBUNE: This Is What a Booming Economy Feels Like 

I hope you caught it. Language from the White House. You can’t ignore the story of THIS REMARKABLE TURNAROUND! 

Of course we know that God’s “Daniel 7:22 turnaround” encompasses even more than the economic breakthroughs we are now seeing. From shifting the Supreme Court and federal courts, to renewed national security policy, to moving our embassy to Jerusalem, to last month’s global ministerial advancing religious freedom at the State Department… this governmental turnaround is now in full swing! 

And as our post today covered, we are accelerating this fall into a move of awakening. A burning lamp awakening, both national and global in scope. 

Lamplighter family, together we’ve been privileged not just to read the news, but actually pray into the move of God now defining the news. It is such an honor to collaborate with you. You are among finest leaders and intercessors in the nation, and we love making this journey together!

And we’re pleased to report that we are in the midst of our own economic breakthrough. Jolene and I are beyond grateful for your incredible generosity, helping to keep Lamplighter Ministries shining before God and man in Washington DC. In just a week we have actually received over half of our goal of $12,000! Just over… but over! 

Would you all please consider making a donation today, so that we may complete the breakthrough and attain the goal granted to us by the Lord? We pray you receive a full, perpetual release of God’s miraculous provision in return. 

Truly you cannot ignore the story of God’s turnaround. Now complete the story! Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene 

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