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“There’s something coming in the air tonight, oh Lord… And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord!”

Heaven literally met us at the gates this weekend. I personally will never be the same. Serious. Thank you all for praying for such an extraordinary time with Pastors Jamie and Redonnia Jackson and Remnant Church.

Revelation from the Lord simply poured in. Over the next few days we’ll share just a little of what the Lord conveyed to us. Mantles have changed. Assignments have changed. Vision has been renewed. Heaven is at our gates!

Something in the Air Tonight… Oh Lord!
Here’s a pattern with many of our gatherings. If we make room for Him, a time comes where Jesus comes tangibly in the midst of His people. During “Heaven at Your Gates,” that extraordinary time came Saturday night as the Remnant worship team grabbed our hearts with a song.

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord! And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life… Oh Lord!”

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight…” All I can say is that we gasped, we sang, and Holy Spirit rode in on us in power.

Through the years I’ve seen many people born again, but never have I seen a song born again. Yet right before our eyes this sample from a classic Phil Collins song both defined and resounded the deepest cries of our hearts. We’ve all longed for God’s new move. We’ve hungered for Him to come in power. We truly have waited for this moment for all our lives.

New Move of God Commissioned
Somewhere as we wept and moved and worshipped, something shifted. I literally feel that a new move of the Spirit was being commissioned. Ed and Lynn Alderson, the HAPN/ RPN leaders for Georgia, picked up an oversized banner and began to wave it. A few people went under this canopy, then we all did.

Some barely made it through before being overcome by the Spirit of God. My wife Jolene, for instance. She just couldn’t stop shaking!

Pastors Jamie and Redonnia were among the last ones through. By this time the Presence had become very thick. They both melted onto the floor. During this time Jamie was ushered into an encounter with the Ancient of Days. Which was extraordinary especially in light of the message the Lord had given me to share.

Angelic Encounter
As part of this encounter, Jamie saw three angels of the Lord. Describing in detail angelic hosts I had actually seen some 8 years earlier, when the Lord commissioned me into a new season of ministry. Jamie knew nothing of this. But when the Lord spoke to me about a new move of God being commissioned, I felt very strongly that these same angelic hosts were again involved. Even releasing gifts similar to what the Lord gave me. Such an answer to prayer!

In the meeting, I initially offered the microphone to Jamie to share his experience. He was still in a place where no words could come out. So I went ahead and shared what the Lord was speaking to me about this commissioning, beginning with my story.

Commissioning—My Experience
This is very personal, ok? Very sacred to me. It may sound a little “out there,” but I’m doing the best I can to describe something that to me is simply beyond any words. Eight years ago I was preparing for a prayer journey into Washington DC with our friend and prophetic leader Randy Demain. Randy had recently had an encounter with an angel of the Lord assigned for breakthrough, and we were going into Washington DC to see God’s breakthrough in our Nation’s Capitol.

I didn’t know it then, but this time with Randy actually marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey for Jolene and me. During the years that followed we saw covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ restored on a national level. We saw the Washington Monument crack in an earthquake and the Crown & Throne movement prophesied and birthed. And quite unexpectedly we saw the Lord usher Jolene and me into Washington DC to live!

Now I’m recounting all this in part to convey something to our friends in Brunswick, in Georgia and in the Nation. A new journey has now been commissioned by Heaven. I promise you, you’ll never be the same!

Back to the story. In preparation for this journey with Randy Demain, I took time early in the morning to pray. I was on my couch in the prayer room when I “saw” with my spiritual eyes three angelic beings suddenly enter the room. I’ll never forget—one was dressed as a Pilgrim. Though I was reclining, in my spirit I suddenly stood at full attention! You would too, I promise.

I “knew” that these angelic hosts represented three different aspect of God’s nature, character and power. Breakthrough, Awakening, and Covenant. The Angel of Covenant was “dressed” like a Pilgrim, honoring the covenantal legacy of my Pilgrim forefathers who committed this land and government to the Lord.

Four Gifts Imparted
These three angels gave me four gifts from the Lord. They were at a distance from me, yet somehow imparted them to me. The first gift was a key. My hands outstretched, I saw and felt this key  given to me. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke a word that made me tremble. “This is a key of unadulterated authority.” He was clearly warning me both the key and our lives needed to remain uncompromised!

The second gift the Lord gave me was very unusual. I received a pair of glasses, circular like Ben Franklin used to have. But the lenses of these glasses were made from the ‘sea of glass’ before God’s Throne! New vision was imparted. And talk about Heaven at your gates—through this experience the invitation and gifting was given to literally become a watchman of Heaven! And equally, to see our world through Heaven’s eyes.

The third gift the Lord imparted to me was a scroll. Graduation papers! I then realized the presence of these angels and the gifts imparted actually marked a special commissioning from Heaven—from the Throne.

This brings me to the fourth gift—also very unique. All of the sudden a white horse appeared and galloped through my prayer room. Seriously. This horse was like the white horses that follow Jesus as pictured in Revelation 19. I “knew” the horse represented a recovery of apostolic momentum, and a new grace for the journey ahead.

This all happened very quickly—a taste of Eternity compacted into time. I had to get up and leave for this prayer journey with Randy into Washington DC. Jolene was joining us later in the day, and she came down to pray after I left. And from the moment she stepped into the room, the Presence of God encountered her!

Heaven is Ready to Ride
God is so generous. And He celebrates each of His children even as He beckons them forward. In this extraordinary season of transition, He will certainly meet you at the gates.

And on Saturday night, as the worship team crooned “Something coming in the air tonight, oh Lord,” the Lord came. He brought gifts. I actually felt that each of these four gifts described here were given in some measure to each person under the bridal canopy.

Remember Jamie Jackson’s encounter with the Lord a few months ago, which ultimately encouraged us to call this gathering “Heaven at Your Gates.” Jamie saw the gates of Heaven, and he saw white horses being groomed and prepared. In this encounter the Lord spoke to Jamie, “Heaven is ready to ride!” And His word sure proved true.

You cannot make this stuff up. You just can’t. I truly believe a new move of God has been commissioned—a move of breakthrough, covenant and awakening. Jolene and I feel a sense of being recommissioned ourselves. So excited to see what the Lord is going to do!

Note After Service—Vision of White Horses!
I’m keeping in my Bible a note received after the service. Our friend Kathy from Savannah wrote, “During the evening gathering… I saw in the spirit—one by one—people walking under the bridal canopy. Then I saw each person receiving their white horse. Mine was walked up to me, fully bridled and saddled, by an angelic being who handed me the reins. I took hold of my horse and looked around as others were doing the same.

“It was after that time of worship that Jon spoke about his visitation from three angels who have him four gifts—the last one being a horse. I knew at that moment the vision I saw was being confirmed.”

You just cannot make this up. We are beyond grateful. Please ask the Lord for His gifts to you. And remember—No King but Jesus!