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FIRST—TURNAROUND TUESDAY is a global movement. What’s it all about? Contending prayer to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers (Malachi 4:6). Take Tuesday to pray for your sons and daughters, both your natural children and those you are mentoring. Lets see a generation return to Jesus! 

Our new book TURNAROUND DECREES lays out the vision for Turnaround Tuesday, and equips you with vital decrees that will help you pray and receive a turnaround for your children. It is packed with tangible examples from our own lives and others. The book teaches you Biblical principles to secure God’s turnarounds in your family and sphere, as well as on a national level. 

What’s the Verdict?
SPEAKING OF WHICH… WHAT’S THE VERDICT? According to press reports, the Supreme Court is expected to finally announce its “turnaround decree” overthrowing nationally legalized abortion this week, possibly as early as Tuesday. Though the Court is expected to follow through with its draft decision, leaked more than a month ago, nothing is final until the final verdict is announced. And given their track record, that may be a scary thing. 

So let me give you some good news. The Highest Court has already ruled in favor of the saints regarding the overthrow of nationally legalized abortion. Remember the Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict that was granted. It’s no coincidence that the Dobbs case was officially filed on 7-22-2021! That’s a genuine sign. 

And the Lord is committed to uphold His verdict no matter the choices made or attempts at sabotage imposed. I want to remind you that we are living in a time similar to the days of Exodus, where God partnered with Moses to bring freedom from a governmental structure tied to idolatry that was empowered by the unjust bloodshed of abortion. 

Towards that end, we are being weighed in the balance right now on this issue. I believe the decision of the Court—which clearly articulates that the US Constitution does not uphold the right to an abortion—is absolutely vital to secure God’s blessing on America now and in the future. 

What’s Your Verdict?
That’s really the most important question we can be asking right now. How does the Lord want to move in prayer to move mountains for you? For your children? For our nation?

Let me suggest that our new book will broaden your horizons on this issue. Judgement in favor of the saints is a sacred verdict from Heaven’s Court which has been eternally secured by the body and blood of Jesus. Everything in the Kingdom is predicated on it. Including even your salvation. And this verdict is accessed and applied on a case by case basis in response to your petitions, prayers, and follow-through of obedience. 

Mountains can move. Impossible situations can turn for good. No King but Jesus!


June 21 Turnaround Tuesday with Garland Thomas, Chris Mitchell and Adam Schindler.
June 21 Jim & Lori Bakker Show, Branson MO
June 21 Turnaround Decrees global launch!
June 22 7pm New Life Worship Center with Ap. Garland Thomas, Tahlequah OKJune 24-26 Decree Turnaround! Josiah Center, St. Paul MN

With Dutch Sheets, Chris Mitchell, Jamie Fitt. To register on Eventbrite CLICK HERE: