REVOLUTION SESSIONS: Due to strong demand, we are delighted to make the archived sessions of Revolution available as soon as possible after minor editing for quality. Thanks again to Jamie Bass for making this possible. We will alert you to their availability! 

It just gets more and more incredible. This morning I discovered an amazing, awesome, stunning fact. And it puts our shift to the Trump International Hotel, graciously facilitated by the Museum of the Bible, into even greater perspective.

December 6 marked the launch of Revolution 2018. And it also marked the one-year anniversary of an announcement by President Trump which literally redefined our world.

On December 6, 2017, in open defiance of global diplomatic precedent, President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. He followed through in May by moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

On December 6, 2018 our conference was unexpectedly transitioned from the Museum of the Bible to the Trump International Hotel. I saw how the Lord desired to bless us and our Lamplighter family through this venue change. The upgrade, complete with nightly receptions, was a tremendous blessing. 

What I kept wondering about is why the Lord desired to highlight the Trump International, and therefore President Trump, so strongly by virtue of this transition. Because in my thinking, the deployment of intercessors to any location marks a very clear resolve from the Lord to honor and bless that specific sphere. 

It’s actually why we go. 

That said, Heaven’s immediate focus was made very clear through this unexpected transition. Including a rededication of resolve to pray for the Trump administration, and all in authority as scripture commands. 

But as it turned out, the Lord had even more at heart.  

Because isn’t it just like the Lord to honor President Trump for the incredible stand he took on behalf Jerusalem, on behalf of Israel, and on behalf of the Jewish people. Above all, on behalf of God’s covenant. Isn’t it just like Him to declare the completion of His Dan. 7:22 turnaround verdict. And launch a freedom movement pioneering a new way forward through 2020. 

And isn’t it just like God to remind us through Chuck Pierce, in his message on December 6, to celebrate this covenantal alignment and remind us all of the blessing it secured for our own nation. 

Over Hanukkah. On the one-year anniversary of this very bold announcement declaring Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel. Sealed even with literal fire from heaven—actually two fireballs from heaven—on the final sunset of the Festival of Lights. 

Two fireballs. Double portion. Israel and America, two covenant nations. Two freedom nations. Can’t make this stuff up. 

As it turns out, the the dates of our conference actually marked key turnarounds throughout history. So wild. 

December 6, 2018. One year anniversary of Trump’s announcement honoring Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

December 7, 2018. Seventy-seventh anniversary of our entryway into World War II in 1941. Beginning the “freedom movement” which ultimately vanquished anti-semitic totalitarianism and led to the rebirth of Israel. 

December 8, 2018. The 242nd anniversary of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River. An historic turning point in the American Revolution!

We certainly received from the Lord our turning point last weekend. Can’t make this stuff up. That said, lets continue in the resolve so strongly forged in our spirits this Hanukkah. No King but Jesus…