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Please keep in prayer for Davids Tent! We’ve begun to sense a new level of breakthrough. Pray for Jason Hershey the core team, for the worshipers and intercessors, for funding etc. Your intercession helps keep the momentum going. Strengthened with might by the Spirit, Lord!

So I was out on the White House Ellipse last week, pretty consumed with a burden to pray for the Secret Service. An intercessory friend was feeling overwhelmed by the spiritual intensity he was sensing. As I prayed for him, I had a really unusual sense. What was coming against him wasn’t so much from above but beneath! We began to pray really strong by the Spirit for the realms of darkness beneath the surface to be restrained.

It was a really discombobulating experience. I know from Philippians 2:10 that things in heaven, on earth, and under the earth must bow to Jesus Christ. But what could possibly be releasing such demonic opposition from under the White House Ellipse?

Arm in the Earth
Within the next few days, two people crossed my path sharing prophetic experiences related to “what lies beneath.” One actually conveyed the White House! At tonight’s home group, our new friend Eleni shared the following: “On Saturday, while sitting at David’s tent, the Lord gave me a vision of His mighty strong right arm deep in the earth and uprooted the White House from its deepest roots in the earth. The White House was perfectly placed in the palm of His hand and He had it gripped so tightly.”

What a picture of answered prayer. You just cannot make this stuff up.

Tunnels Underground
This reminded me of a word Rick Ridings gave at the Gate DC last December. Rick and Patti are serious watchmen on the wall in and for Jerusalem. He prophesied that we would be entering into a time where the Lord would sovereignly lead us into dealing with things beneath the earth. Dark expressions now defiling the land from down under would be exposed and dealt with.

I mentioned to Rick in a recent text how accurate this word was related to recent battles with Hamas. “Wow,” he wrote, “Just now thought about how that relates to Gaza tunnels being destroyed!”

Remember that Jerusalem is God’s time clock. To me this indicates we are entering into a season of spiritual conflict to cut off enemy intrusions and access points beneath the surface! I don’t understand it all by any means, but we can see both the effects of these unperceived challenges and the benefits of rooting them out. “The scepter of the wicked shall not long remain on the land allotted to the righteous” (Proverbs 125:3).

Strong Delusion! By Eric Lukas
On Sunday, I had a similar conversation with my longtime friend Eric Lukas at a local congregation. I have always found Eric to be balanced and seasoned—his mature prophetic gifting saturated with wisdom. To my utter surprise, he began to share with me recent insights about stuff under the earth that is affecting our perceptions.

There’s really something to this. And again, I believe the Lord is now releasing fresh wisdom and strategies to deal with “what lies beneath.” Going to be quite a year! Below is Eric’s word.

Three summers ago, I was standing on the beach at the water’s edge praying and worshipping the Lord on a beautiful summer’s day. As I pensively looked out over the horizon, the Lord dropped the following into my spirit:  There is strong delusion over the land. It has permeated the social, economic and political spheres of life in the U.S. Deceived people are arguing their positions based on superficial observations and personal biases, but the core problems are hidden well beneath the surface and have a severely tangled root system. The wisdom of man will not be able to resolve these issues. Only by turning to Me and seeking My wisdom will there be any remedy.

It seems to me that things may have worsened since I received this word. All I can really stress to my brothers and sisters in the Lord is that we need to be careful not to make carnal judgments and spout off our preferred political party-lines. It’s fine to have a preferred party – but we are in desperate need of wisdom from heaven to address the tangled roots of these problems from God’s perspective. Otherwise we also can be overcome by strong delusion. Pray that God would shine His light of truth to reveal that which has been hidden, and raise up those who truly have His mind on the key matters of our day.

I couldn’t agree more. Covenant blessings to each of you—above and beneath!