REVOLUTION 2017—THE MIDNIGHT CRY, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC. December 14-16, 2017—over Hanukkah. With Dutch Sheets, Faisal Malick, Cindy Jacobs. Limited seating so make plans now to join us. REGISTER NOW—CLICK HERE!

IT IS WITH GREAT EXCITEMENT that Jon and Jolene invite you to join us for a special day with great personal meaning to us. This Hanukkah, we are celebrating 14 years of marriage. And we would like you to join us for a special ceremony as we renew our wedding vows. 

The marriage ceremony will be held at 2:00 pm Saturday, December 16 as part of our Revolution 2017 gathering at the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. Cindy Jacobs will be officiating the service. 

The renewal of our vows will be immediately followed by a special consecration and commissioning service for all who desire.

Then at 7:00 pm Saturday evening, Dutch Sheets will minister as we conclude with a special celebration of our nation’s rededication to the Lord.

By the way, today, November 11, actually marks the 397th anniversary of America’s original consecration to the Lord by the Pilgrims—my forefather among them. A great day for you to receive your invitation! That said, please make plans now to join today for a wonder-filled time.

When God Lit our Lamp
It is always a joy to remember the miracle that brought Jolene and me together. We were married on December 20, 2003. We chose this date because Jolene had received a dream seven years earlier in which she literally received a wedding invitation to her own marriage. She couldn’t see any details of this invitation except for the date. December 20.

And December 20, 2003 happened to be the first day of Hanukkah. This Jewish holiday is also known as the Feast of Dedication. And it commemorates the date that a band of spiritual revolutionaries fought and restored their Temple back to Israel. They relit the menorah, or lamp, to rededicate the Temple it to the Lord after it had become desecrated. 

They only had enough oil for one day. But miraculously, the menorah burned supernaturally for eight days straight, until more oil could be obtained.

What a beautiful picture of a wedding! And what a beautiful picture of God’s provision to sustain the lamp of our love throughout all of our lives. The selection of Hanukkah as our wedding date also meant a lot to the groom. Because my ministry—now Jolene and my ministry together—is named “Lamplighter.” 

Many of you have heard the story of our wedding miracle. The highlight of our wedding ceremony was supposed to happen as we lit our unity candle together. We had even purchased a Hanukkah menorah to hold our unity candle! 

We started our wedding with worship. While we were singing “Glory, glory, Send Your Glory” my best man Will Ford nudged me and pointed to our menorah. To our amazement, our unity candle was blazing! God lit the unity candle of our menorah—in front of everyone—as we were singing “Glory, Glory, Send Your Glory!” On the first day of Hanukkah! 

This Hanukkah miracle made the exchanging of our vows all the more poignant. Our hearts were undone. Our and lives were forever changed. This Hanukkah, we’re going to celebrate these 14 years and launch into the next phase of blessing in our marriage.

Revolution—the Midnight Cry
The ceremony will take place on the final day of our annual Revolution gathering, which is being held December 14-16. We are so honored that Cindy Jacobs, Faisal Malick and Dutch Sheets will be joining us for Revolution this year. 

The theme this year is “the Midnight Cry.” In the parable of the wise and foolish virigins, Jesus conveys how a midnight miracle is coming for His covenant people. They’re going awake, light their lamps and go out to meet the Bridegroom! 

And in its essence, this midnight cry is a summons to a wedding. We would be so honored if you could join us.

And always remember—no King but Jesus!

With affection and appreciation,
Jon & Jolene