WATCH FB LIVE “Chasing Glory Prayer Vigil” launch! With Ed Watts, Kelsey Bohlender, Lori Perz. With breakthrough revelation and a flow of the Spirit that will take you to new heights in Jesus. This is a message of a lifetime. 


YOU NEED TO SEE THIS! The “Chasing Glory” video launch I mean. The presence of the Lord and flow of real-time revelation so stirred me I simply could not sleep. Thank you Ed Watts, Lori Perz and Kelsey Bohlender for providing such a profound, penetrating expression of God’s heart for this season. What came forth was a prophetic release at a whole new level.  

We will explore this all more in the days and weeks ahead. For now please avail yourselves to the video. Glean from it. Take notes. Watch it a few times. Let the word of the Lord form deep enough within your spirit to direct your path.

And lets engage in prayer together through Shavuot! We are returning to two connecting nights. Our 9pm Wednesday prayer calls continue. And we are adding an 8pm Sunday evening broadcast with prayer after. 

We’re doing whatever we can to help you “get on the Glory Train.” Remembering that God’s “Glory Train” is being sent your way to help move you from where you are in Jesus to where you long to be! That said, lets continue to keep the priority of seeking His face daily, reading His word and praying in the Spirit daily. Press in. Make Jesus your focus. Let Him advance you. Pray until you are endued with power from on High. 

And in the midst, please pray daily for the Glory Train and our team. Amen. Covenant blessings to each of you!

From Houston Texas to St. Paul Minnesota
With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell Jr.

Note: schedules subject to change. Updates will be posted on our website.

May 7-9 Launch Houston, Houston TX, 

May 11-13 Gold Monarch, Abilene TX,

May 16 Sunday morning, Church on the Rock Oklahoma City, note corrected link:

May 19 LifeGate St Louis MO,

May 21-23 Josiah Center St Paul MN,