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Over the next week we will be sharing a few key directives to guide us through 2020. One of the most vital mandates from God’s Throne is to complete the turnaround He has offered us as a nation, and secure within our government and culture the realignment necessary to preserve and perpetuate our covenantal freedoms generationally. For years, even decades to come.  

To complete the turnaround, we have to understand the turnaround the Lord has offered us. Lets begin with a word from 2016 on the opening of this “turnaround window.” Below is a post from 2015 recounting a sweeping prophetic vision the Lord gave me in conjunction with the 2016 presidential election. It has proven extremely accurate already. Please remember this was months before the Lord spoke to us about Donald Trump as the presidential catalyst He had chosen for this turnaround movement. For the sake of accuracy and integrity I am keeping the verbiage unedited. 

You can actually “watch this word” on YouTube as well. I have uploaded a keynote presentation we made late in 2015 to introduce this word in what would soon become the Glory Train movement.To watch on YouTube click below or CLICK HERE.

From our word for 2016, written in November 2015:

Year of the Tithe & the Turnaround Window
Brunswick is the gateway to Jekyll Island, birthplace of the Federal Reserve. And therefore by implication, the birthplace of what has become our national and global financial system. I was asking the Lord onsite “How do we secure these gates? How do we keep Heaven opened, welcoming in this new move of Your Spirit, while keeping the gates shut to the enemy?”

I was thinking 24-7 watchman prayer. Special ops prayer journeys. Going to vav the four corners for maximum impact. A lot of work!

What the Spirit of God whispered stopped me in my tracks. He spoke very simply, “Year of the Tithe.” Malachi 3. Sowing into the global economy of the Kingdom from the very birthplace of the global economic systems.

Within the promise of Malachi 3 is everything we have just covered. As we honor God in tithes in offerings, He opens the windows of Heaven—the Turnaround Window! He rebukes the devourer from our spheres of authority, our gates.

And best of all, this is actually on a national level as well as family to family! He warned Isaiah, “You are cursed with a curse, even this whole nation” because of their disobedience. So our obedience in tithes and offerings is foundational to securing the gates of our nation!

Year of the Tithe. Do we want this turnaround window to open and be sustained? Do we want the devourer to be rebuked at our gates? Before we go to “special ops” lets first return to basic training. Lets call the body of Christ to a renewed focus on the divine exchange of tithes and offerings!

Turnaround Window in History
My reply to God was simple. Show me this in history! He spoke very simply, Look at the 1970s. A panoramic vision unfolded of Richard Nixon resigning. Soldiers coming home from Vietnam to hostility and shame from the American people. After fighting a war we neither fought nor won. The Cold War was in full swing, and we were losing.

The economy was spiraling downward, with mortgage rates reaching 20% or more. OPEC sanctions brought gas lines across the nation sometimes a mile long. Respect for America globally was at an all-time low.

Then came Iran. Or I should say, radical Islamist terror from Iran. Holding our 50 American hostages for 444 days.

Then a turnaround window opened! When Ronald Reagan came on the scene, everything changed. Honor was restored to the Presidential office. The hostage crisis ended on inauguration day. Our economy began to rebound, with the computer revolution laying new tracks for our future. Hope, faith and a renewed patriotism began to overtake our shame.

And finally, Communism, the greatest stronghold we faced in the 20th century, toppled with the Berlin Wall. The cold war was won!

You cannot help but see the parallels between the 1970s and today. And the hope before us as this turnaround window opens in our day!

But what brought this turnaround window? President Reagan? As strong as he was, the true glory belongs to King Jesus!

The Holy Spirit showed me history I didn’t really know. In 1973, in the midst of the despair, He sent a move of His Spirit to bring a turnaround! The Word of Faith movement. With a primary emphasis on the divine exchange of tithes and offerings.

For seven years, the downward spiral only continued. But in year 8, a turnaround window opened that affected every sphere of American life and governance.

And friends, that’s exactly what the Lord is offering our nation today. A turnaround window of this very magnitude, catalyzed by a new move of the Spirit of God!

Wow. As of that last sentence, the word count was exactly 2016. You cannot make this stuff up.

OK. Turnaround window, conflict of thrones, heaven at your gates. Hopefully this resonates with you! Even with the promise, it must be emphasized that we are facing dire challenges through the year. Even potentially a nuclear detonation in the earth, an atomic bomb used against people for the first time since 1945. We must pray to see this stopped.