PRAY GEORGIA ANNUAL ASSEMBLY! Feb. 1-2, Columbus GA. Georgia is called to set a new way forward for our nation in this season. So we are honored to join Ed and Lynn Alderson for this incredibly strategic gathering! For more information or to register CLICK HERE.

IT’S TIME! Glory Outpouring, Feb. 8-10, Josiah Center, St. Paul MN with Pastor Dave Carlson. It’s cold outside… but revival fire is blazing in Minnesota! Join us as we encounter His glory.

Welcome to the 2019 Midnight Cry Prayer Project. While praying over this project I sensed the Lord saying these next three weeks will be marked by “Defining moments of history.” 

I can only imagine what that means! But this move of God’s Spirit is now through the gates. And we are going to experience its impact in many spheres. 

I feel it is very significant the Lord has brought us back to Georgia, the Reconstitution State, to launch this next phase. What a full circle moment. Because it was in this great state, just before the new year, when the Lord encountered Jolene and me with the focus we are now carrying through. At the home of Gabriel Speaks of all places. 

Again, we are here by assignment of the Lord to encounter Him and launch the next phase of this work. If you’re in the area, you don’t want to miss this weekend together! 

What is the focus of this watch? Continue to embrace a Daniel lifestyle. Seek revelation. The third year of Cyrus is significant for breakthrough. And, as Jamie Jackson prophesied, IT’S NOW TIME. Defining moments of history are now at hand.

We’ve Entered a New Era
“In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a message was revealed. The message was true, and one of great conflict…” (Daniel 10:1). 

It is my strong conviction that the the blood moon at midnight on January 21, the third anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, was a sign from the Lord demarcating a new era of history. We are now taking baby steps into the season we’ve been seeking, while maintaining a lifestyle of seeking God’s face, genuineness in prayer marked by teshuvah and a midnight cry, and pursuing the fullness of His turnaround for our land.  

What can we expect? In His time, angelic release. The unsealing of revelation. Awakening. Governmental authority. History-defining breakthrough. The restraining of dark forces seeking to hinder. LIFE. And a freedom movement awakens. 

LIFE, Awakening, Freedom Movement
By clear emphasis of Holy Spirit, part of this breakthrough is dramatically related to LIFE. Inclusive of a reversal of Roe v Wade. But more, fully shifting out from a covenant of death empowering a culture of death into a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. In other words, awakening. 

Remember the full lunar eclipse occurred over Washington DC at exactly 12:12am. We were in Abilene, Texas where the time turned from 11:11 to 11:12. Many intercessors confirmed what I myself was sensing. Holy Spirit was emphasizing John 11:11, Jesus’ prophecy of awakening. Lazarus our friend has fallen asleep, but I go that I may awaken Him from slumber! 

From death to LIFE. That’s Jesus’ definition of awakening. Remember the Pilgrims cut covenant with the Lord on 11-11, 1620. The year 2020 is all about perpetuating our Nation’s covenant with God in our time. With a midnight awakening!

Holy Spirit was also emphasizing Exodus 12:12. The execution of God’s verdict or judgement against the government of Egypt and the gods of Egypt. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

As we’ve shared before, the tipping point for this judgement is found in Exodus 1:22. Pharaoh sought to bring the Jewish people into a greater measure of subservience. All firstborn Jewish males were to be aborted. Intentional trauma to break the will of God’s covenant people, and at the same time provide a sacrifice to Pharaoh’s gods. 

God’s answer was a direct confrontation with the gods of Egypt and the Pharaoh government tied to this idolatry. By His own hand, a freedom movement for His covenant people began with a midnight cry. 

22 Days—Table of the Lord
As preparation for this movement, all Jewish families were required to eat a lamb and then apply the blood of this lamb on the doorposts of their homes. Because God was about to execute His judgements. 

It was vitally important that we entered through the “12:12” gate by receiving communion and applying the blood of Jesus over the gates of our nation. By this, prophetically our nation was prepared for the move of Holy Spirit which was being welcomed in the midnight hour. Just as in the days of Exodus.

Over these next 22 days please receive the Table of the Lord daily. I sensed this directive from the Lord Wednesday after our weekly call. Lou Engle later released a similar call to receive communion daily while praying over the Supreme Court. 

Not a coincidence. As in the days of Exodus, the deliverance of the Lord in this freedom movement is directly correlated to His verdict regarding LIFE! 

And we are now n an hour marked by defining moments of history. NO KING BUT JESUS!