ADAM SCHINDLER JOINS CALL TONIGHT! 9PM ET. Adam is a strong prophetic voice and a revelatory teacher. Following through with the “hard stop” word from last week, Adam will share a prophetic warning for Washington DC and the nation. What’s the word? As with last week, that’s for you to find out… tonight! Phone: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Pre-broadcast prayer at 8:45pm! 


PURIM TO PASSOVER! 3-16 to 4-16 lets watch and pray through one of the most strategic seasons of history. The Lord is marching forth as a warrior. Lets follow His lead!

JOIN US TONIGHT for a special call with Adam Schindler, a strong prophetic friend with a balanced prophetic warning for Washington DC and the nation. Remember last week’s call focused on a warning of a hard stop ahead. We also saw the Lord deal with a Haman spirit influencing our government. Especially given current circumstances, what Adam has to share should not be missed. Once again we will save the primary thrust for tonight’s call. Please come ready to pray…

Washington DC on the Precipice of Judgement?
Many prophets recently have shared that Washington DC is on the precipice of judgement. 

Like, DUH. It’s unfolding before our eyes.

Have you ever been frustrated when prophets restate the obvious—and call it the word of the Lord? Me too. But are actually reasons for it. First, sometimes the Lord needs to get through to you and me, so that we actually believe what our eyes are seeing and our ears are hearing! Second, there’s a very weighty difference between a prophetic perception and a Throne Room word. The same perception given as a Throne Room word will actually carry the weight of Heaven. 

And that’s sobering as we approach Passover 2022. In light of many prophetic warnings, including our own, let me put some pieces of the puzzle on the table for you.

Abominations Embraced by DC Leaders
OPEN DEFIANCE OF GOD has been embraced as the ruling elite’s standard mode of operation in Washington DC. What the Bible terms “abominations” many leaders embrace as esteemed values. At the core, many of the “values” being forced on America serve only to demean and dehumanize other human beings. 

Consider, for example, that legalizing abortion has now been pushed to legalizing infanticide. Also the all-out pursuit to sexualize our children. By first or second grade they are asked to choose their gender, and their sexuality. Straight? Gay? Bisexual? Boy? Girl? 

My question is, why should our children be forced by government and cultural institutions to even explore these questions? Why are a subset of adults so determined to rob our children of their God-given innocence? And what right does our “freedom government” have to impose their standards than a child’s own parents? 

None. And in previous times, adults wishing to sexualize our kids would be called PREDATORS.

Before he passed, Bishop Harry Jackson told me that the ultimate goal of many of these pursuits is ultimately the normalization and acceptance of pedophilia in our culture. He even felt it was an underlying force behind the push for same sex marriage during the Obama years. 

Harry was not a blazing right wing fanatic fueled by hatred in his heart. Instead, the Harvard-educated pastor exemplified servant leadership. Love was the motivating force of both conviction and compassion, even at the expense of his life. 

And in case you believe a tolerance for abusing a child sexually is stretching things, consider the alleged contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The same forces within government and media that pushed the false “Russia collusion” narrative have been seeking to hide the contents of the laptop. 

We probably shouldn’t mention that clear documentation of allegedly illicit financial entanglements between the Biden family and Ukraine and China are also there.

But the point is that many of our nation’s highest leaders are embracing abominations as some sort of moral high ground, and imposing them upon America and the world. 

Abomination Brings Desolation
“Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place—let the reader understand—then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains” (Matthew 24:15-16).

You’re probably familiar with theme. Videos portraying the “abomination of desolation” usually feature the shadow of an imposing figure hovering near an occult altar accompanied by dark, gothic chants.

Jesus started the trend. Well maybe not the videos, but at least the introduction of the subject to His people. As recorded in Matthew 24, Jesus refers to Daniel’s “abomination of desolation” as a picture of the antichrist. Upon arrival, it’s time to flee! 

But the concept behind this passage is not confined to a literal being called the antichrist. The Apostle John noted that “the spirit of the antichrist… is already in the world” (1 Joh 4:3). As far as I know, none of our leaders have yet descended to the stature of the antichrist. But whether they know it or not, many of our them are actually ACTING UNDER THE INFLUENCE of an antichrist spirit. 

And one principle remains as consistent as gravity. Abomination causes desolation. Another way of saying it is, “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23).

People wonder why things are suddenly going wrong in our nation and world—at a magnitude few could have anticipated or comprehended. Why? Because our elected leaders are CHOOSING ABOMINATIONS. Their own understanding has become darkened, even to the extent basic common sense has exited the building.

And the gates then become open for desolation to impose itself. 

Of course the enemy knows this. He has seduced many leaders into sabotaging our nation from within, sometimes even with the conviction they were doing right. But lets be honest. Most often it is personal greed and lust for power that compels such compromise. All the while they are provoking the wrath of a righteous God. 

This challenge led to the complete removal of Israel as a nation. And it could even lead to ours. 

Birthed by an ardent love for their nation, almost all the biblical prophets warned of coming desolation to Jerusalem and Israel. Hosea was told by God to marry a prostitute, because his nation had forsaken their covenant with the Lord and prostituted themselves with idols. Jeremiah was thrown into a pit for compiling his book of prophecies which warned over and over again of coming judgment. 

Their witness is meant to be an example for us. Yet the unjust bloodshed goes on. The push towards sexual immorality continues to break all boundaries. Idolatry continues to drive policy. Intentional lies and deception have become the norm throughout the spectrum of government, especially in our highest offices. 

American Babylon or Covenant Nation?
How low have we sunk? Consider Babylon. Barring divine intervention, even the skyline of DC is about to reflect the enemy’s intended shift from a covenant nation to an American Babylon. Perhaps the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneur in America is literally rebuilding the Tower of Babel right across from the Pentagon. The practical function of the building may be different—or it may not be—but the form conveys the intention. 

American Babylon. 

So again, is Washington DC about to be judged by God? Is He through striving with our leaders, compelling them in mercy to finally break their alliance with the enemy and turn our nation back to Him? 

Is He about to establish His justice another way?

Consider that we are now potentially on the precipice of a Third World War. Inflation has reached a level not seen since 1981. Our top leaders are warning of food shortages. Crime is skyrocketing, especially in cities that voted in 2020 to defund the police and empower lawlessness. 

And on the 20th anniversary of 911, after a 20 year war, President Biden actually handed the keys of Afghanistan back over to the Taliban, the very governmental institution which empowered Al Queda to strike our land in an act of terror that redefined the world. 

As we face these crises, should we not cling to God for mercy?Should we not repent of our ways? Of the abominations that have now become institutionalized in our land? 

Or should we stand on this precipice and defy God all the more, welcoming the desolation that inevitably comes from our abomination?

Pharaoh’s 9-11
Pharaoh learned his lesson on this issue the hard way.  The governmental leader of Egypt stood in Moses’ face and refused to turn. He refused to let the Jews come out from under the idolatry-empowered slavery that was dehumanizing them for his own gain. 

Here’s a 9-11 moment for you. Exodus 10:9-11. You men can go. But leave your children behind so we can raise them in our ways. 

In response to Pharaoh’s stubborn resolve, the Lord sent swarms of locusts to devour their harvests. This resulted in FOOD SHORTAGES. The greatest nation in the world now faces similar prospects as our government is confronted by our sins, and the sins of our fathers. 

What is it going to take for these leaders to finally turn? Or be removed from office? 

As we move further into 2022, I believe there are even plans being formed to keep the ruling party in office no matter the will of the people. War damage unleashes a national crisis, which unleashes a constitutional crisis. Voting is put on hold. A seasoned leader needs to retake control and steady the ship, even if it means momentarily suspending constitutional authority and governance by consent of the governed. Turns out he’s an American Pharaoh. O No!

An impossibility? Consider that just a few years ago, you considered most of the crises we now face to be impossibilities. 

PRAY! Prophetic Warnings of April 18
Some prophets have recently felt we need to keep watch over America against a premeditated act of sabotage and destruction, possibly by the covert hands of globalists, possibly over April 18. That date is actually very important to the Lord. And very important to us. 

Known in Massachusetts as Patriot’s Day, April 18 is the date when Paul Revere embarked on his midnight ride to awaken an army for freedom. You could say that Revere rode, and a freedom nation was born. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that Passover this year occurs over April 18. 

Could it be that, just as America’s enemies chose the “time gate” of 9-11 to strike the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, dark forces are now targeting Patriots Day to strike our land even more substantively? 

I believe as of Passover 2022, a midnight awakening is now again at hand. It may be a rude awakening. No matter what, just as in the time Revere rode, America’s freedom is again in the balance. PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO THWART ANY INTENDED ATTACKS OVER PATRIOTS DAY AND PASSOVER.

The good news is that a genuine freedom movement remains at hand. In the end, just as the Tower of Babel fell, and the defiance of Pharaoh was overcome, the justice of the Lord will eventually prevail. His freedom will prevail. A lost generation will see His redemption. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

And no King but Jesus…