I rarely do this. But I want to commend to you Mike Bickle’s response to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage verdict. “Love Wins” is profound and convicting, totally worth your attention. Click here to listen or view.

The sons of Issachar were uniquely equipped by God to discern or understand the times. In sounding this alarm, I am again seeking your direct intervention through prayer. Especially now through tomorrow.

Convergence—Al Quds Day with Nuclear Deadline
Tomorrow is the latest—and perhaps last—deadline of America’s nuclear deal with Iran. Ironically, for Iranians it is also Al Quds Day, or Jerusalem Day. Marked yearly by thousands of rallies openly calling for death to America, and the annihilation of Israel!

Al Quds Day. What an ironic day for a nuclear accord! Signed by Israel’s strongest ally with her most unrelenting adversary, during the season of Dire Straits in which tragedy after tragedy has befallen the Jewish people.

I write in tears that you cannot make this stuff up.

No nation is more consistently threatened by Iran than Israel, God’s covenant land. And no nation seems to be more negatively impacted by the Iranian deal than Israel. According to Netanyahu and others, the threat remains absolutely existential because Iran is still allowed nuclear capacities.

God’s covenant promise is still clear. He who touches Israel still touches the apple of His eye. And openly defying God’s heart regarding Israel will absolutely carry consequences.

Convergence—July Fourth with Dire Straits
Recently I wrote of another historic convergence with prophetic implications that were hard to miss. July 4th began the Jewish season of Dire Straits. We warned prophetically that “by July 4 this year, America as we know it may literally no longer exist.” Have we as America now been grafted into this tragic generational cycle?

Warning! Rough waters ahead, difficult for navigation. Pride, disobedience, open defiance can only make for dire straits.

Defiant Pride—Who Do We Think We Are?
You remember that the “triple crown” of the political world was unveiled just a week before our Independence Day celebrations. On Wednesday came ObamaTrade, with provisions to yield our sovereignty to transnational governance. On Thursday came the ObamaCare verdict.

And on Friday, June 26, the Supreme Court again followed the President’s lead, ruling to literally redefine the institution of marriage as practiced for the previous six thousand years. Defying not only God’s word, but also openly defying 30 states—50 million voters—who passed laws to preserve the covenant bond of marriage as between one man and one woman.

“Who do we think we are?” exclaimed Chief Justice John Roberts in his dissent. And that’s a really good question. When was the Supreme Court granted the constitutional power to usurp Congress and actually create law instead of evaluating law?

Further, when was this Court granted power to redefine the very laws of God? Marriage is the only social institution established directly by God before the fall of man, as Mike Bickle pointed out in his recent message “Love Wins.” The verdict seems to directly contradict our First Amendment right to free exercise of religion. The covenantal foundation upon which our nation was established!

Convergence—Shattering the Covenant
The definition for Dire Straits is “a state of extreme distress, a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs.” It is actually a navigational term used to describe narrow passages that bear an increased risk of shipwreck, especially during a storm.

Storm Warning. Dire Straits ahead!

Remember again that Dire Straits began this year on July 4. The anniversary of the signing of our Declaration of Independence, which birthed our nation into existence.

July 4 this year also commemorates an extraordinary anniversary for the Jewish people. The day when Moses shattered the covenant that established their nation under God.

Moses was returning from the mountaintop, where he had met with God for 40 days and received the Ten Commandments. As we’ve mentioned before, the Ten Commandments were not just laws or principles to live by. They represented God’s marriage covenant with the nation and people of Israel. A nation under God.

Why did he shatter the covenant? Because at the very time he was receiving this invitation to covenant with the Lord, his own people were celebrating a return to Baal worship and sexual sin. In a raucous party centered around a “golden calf.”

In other words, in the very hour God desired to establish His covenant, the enemy had seduced His people into defiance and betrayal. Worshiping the golden calf. Engaging in sexual sin as part of this worship. Betraying God, betraying covenant, and even betraying of their own national identity!

I don’t know… perhaps you see the convergence?

My greatest hope is the extraordinary fact that Israel’s story did not end there. Thanks mostly to Moses’ intercession, they received mercy from the Throne and a national turnaround. Perhaps with the intervention of your unyielding intercession, America’s story can experience this same mercy—and remain one nation under God.