SANDY NEWMAN TONIGHT—YEAR OF THE HAMMER & VAV! Prayer call 9pm EST. Conference call number: (641) 715-3605, access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

Year of Hammer and Vav
Make sure to join us tonight. Sandy Newman will be sharing powerful revelation on the new year 5776, and PROPHESYING INTO THIS NEW YEAR. A strong friend and renown Kansas apostle, Sandy is respected as a general in the body of Christ.

Most of you know that the Hebrew year 5776 is symbolized by the Hebrew letter “Vav.” Vav conveys a tent peg, a connector.  All that said, in this “Year of the Hammer and Vav,” there’s nothing more dangerous than Sandy Newman with these weapons of choice. We can’t wait to see how God connects the heartland with DC as we close out Yom Kippur.

Temple Mount—Throne of God
This morning I awoke early, feeling strongly compelled to pray. As I looked out over Washington DC I vividly experienced the sensation of being in Jerusalem. Joy resonated, but I was also aware of a sense of grief in the depths of my being. All I keep hearing is “your spirit knows more than your mind understands.”

Especially in this year of “Vav” or connecting, you cannot separate Yom Kippur from the Temple Mount. God Himself claims this mountain as His Throne. It’s there that the Ark of the Covenant rested, first with the Tabernacle of David on Zion and then Mount Moriah. It’s there that the High Priest entered yearly into the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur to make atonement for the nation.

It’s there that Jesus drove out the moneychangers by cracking the whip. And it’s there that the “Hammers” or Maccabees took back their Temple, reconsecrated it and restored covenant with God by relighting the flame of the Menorah.

Midnight Wave—Warning of Infitada?
Over the past months we’ve prayed into the prophetic warning about a “midnight wave” crashing in on Washington DC around September 11. The Lord made clear this dream, received July 13, was His response to the Iranian nuclear accords.

And throughout this time, one question resounded. What does the wave symbolize? Praying and processing with Gary Beaton, we all realized the Lord was warning of a Third Infitada. A Palestinian uprising tied to a massive increase of funding from Iran. And we realized God was warning that the waves of this Infitada could not only touch Jerusalem, but even Washington DC.

At the time, all was calm on the Temple Mount. Nobody was warning of this prospect. But times have changed. As of 9-11, a new wave of violence has been unleashed, just as the dream conveyed. Yesterday as Yom Kippur began, the Times of Israel even reported, “Abbas Warns of Infitada Risk Over Temple Mount!”

Watchman Warning
Today Pope Francis is meeting with Obama. We’ve heard that Jerusalem and Israel might be a primary focus of discussion. We’ve actually heard rumors that both leaders desire to divide Israel and extract Jerusalem from Israeli sovereignty. Turning the city into an “international capital” similar to Vatican City. A seat of global governance.

I want to emphasize these are only rumors. However both leaders have conveyed their desire for a two-state solution. How extraordinary that Obama and Pope Francis have decided to meet on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism, the Day of Atonement, possibly to connect on this pursuit.

And an explosive Temple Mount could only strengthen their resolve.

This Yom Kippur, please pray for Jerusalem and Israel. One thing is clear, there is far more going on than what we understand with our mind. Listen to the Spirit of God. Watch and pray. And lets renew our resolve to stand for God’s covenant with His land and people in this hour of tumult.

The Vav King
Above all else, lets honor the precious gift of the Jewish High Priest whose hands and feet were “vaved” to the cross, whose cross itself became “vaved” into the ground of Jerusalem, to forever atone for our sins. And from this ground Jesus rose again! Crowned forever as King of Israel, King of the Nations.

And despite the conspiracies of men and devils, in Jerusalem His Throne is forever established.