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FIRST—THE PRICE OF LIBERTY IS ETERNAL VIGILANCE. And based on a dream the Lord gave me this morning, I am asking you to keep watch through this weekend dedicated to honoring America’s freedom.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend by the way.

Most details of the dream remain elusive. But in the dream I was speaking with Mike Bickle, and in the midst of conversation he spoke to me “Song of Songs 3:8.” In the passage, the Bridegroom and his bride are “coming out of the wilderness.” Now that’s a transition we can all celebrate! But the ensuing passage clearly warns of the need to engage in warfare to protect this transition. TIME TO GUARD AGAINST THE TERROR OF THE NIGHT!

Behold, it is the traveling couch of Solomon; Sixty warriors around it, of the warriors of Israel. All of them are wielders of the sword, expert in war; each man has his sword at his side, guarding against the terrors of the night. (SOS 3:7-8).

Here are a few specifics! 

FIRST— A “FREE PALESTINE RALLY” is planned for Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It is being sponsored by CAIR and other organizations not generally associated with radicalized rhetoric, carrying out the same push magnified recently by Hamas and the launch of 4300 rockets against Israel. This is genuinely scary. And it’s accompanied by a horrendous upsurge in violent crimes against Jewish people IN AMERICA.

Obviously the push to legitimize anti-Israel sentiment as a mainstream cause, especially within the Democratic Party, is absolutely a push to legitimize vitriol and prejudice against the Jewish people as a whole. 

Prejudice in any form cannot be tolerated. Yet astonishingly, even BLM has recently pushed the “Free Palestine” cause. As reported by the Washington Post:

All of which makes this gathering at the National Mall potentially very controversial and potentially very volatile. Please pray. IT IS TIME FOR THE THRESHING TO CEASE!

For more information see

SECOND—IRAN’S AGGRESSION IS NOW MOUNTING! We warned about this comprehensively in our book White House Watchmen. The IAEA has determined that Iran now has more capability and material to produce a nuclear bomb than many nations who have already made nuclear bombs. 

In other words, we are no longer at the threshold of a nuclear-armed Iran, the red line has apparently now been crossed. 

Israel of course is warning of unilateral action to strike Iran and cause this progression to cease. Meanwhile Iran as threatened not just Israel but the United States with devastating strikes. The very day the Biden Administration offered billions of dollars towards a renewed nuclear deal, the State of Iran released a video portraying the US Capitol exploding in an Iranian attack, with Revolutionary Guards marching down the National Mall. 

Please keep in mind that Iran is a primary funder of both Hezbollah and Hamas. Please do not underestimate either Iran or its proxies in either their determination or their capability to strike and destabilize. 

Isn’t it amazing that, in the midst of the extraordinary challenges now at hand, the Lord is moving so powerfully to release His freedom movement! Historic breaches are being repaired, and His covenant of peace is being established. Isaiah 54 is our promise. 

Declare that no weapon formed against us prospers! Declare that all plans of sabotage are exposed. Over the weekend and in this season as a whole, lets keep watch over the liberty entrusted to us. Together lets keep vigilant over our cities and staters, and especially over Washington DC, guarding against the terror of the night.