Uranium for dirty bomb found in London—Call tonight!

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BREAKING NEWS. On December 29 at Heathrow Airport in London a container of potentially lethal uranium was discovered. It had been transported from Pakistan to London by an airline from Oman. The intended recipients were Iranian nationals in the United Kingdom. To read the full story: (Andy please share link) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11620855/Dirty-bomb-fears-URANIUM-cargo-Heathrow.html

Last March in Pearl Harbor the Lord warned us to pray against surprise attacks against the nation. The commission to watch and pray has since brought us from Pearl Harbor to ports across the land, including New York City on 9-11. It has brought us from the Bible College of Wales, where Rees Howells prayed through World War II to Churchill’s underground war room in London, even to Jerusalem and Tel Megiddo or Armageddon. 

And we’ve actually been warning about the prospect of war with Iran for a long time. It appears the time may now be at hand. 

Iran has Crossed the Red Line
In a moment I will share a prophetic perspective from what the Lord recently conveyed to Jolene and me at Tel Megiddo or Armageddon. But right now lets concentrate on the implications of the breaking news. It is not yet fully clear where the uranium originated from, though it is entirely possible it was enriched in Iran. Nor is it clear if this was merely one of many global shipments intended for a larger, global terrorist strike. Further, Iran’s nuclear capacities have only increased exponentially, and even the Biden Administration is now admitting Iran has been covertly defying the mandates of the nuclear accords from the very beginning. 

One fact is clear. The targeting of a western city with a dirty bomb by Iran or its proxies is a “red line” that will not be tolerated. 

It is interesting that, even as the story broke yesterday in the UK,  today all of America’s domestic flights within the United States have now been grounded, apparently over technical issues. My personal guess is that either another incident or a discovery of a broader plan has initiated this grounding. 

Immediate Prayer and Action
FOR THE IMMEDIATE—I am asking all prayer leaders and teams to pray for terror plots within your states and cities to be immediately uncovered. Let me emphasize that if terror proxies were seeking to hit London with a dirty bomb, there’s every possibility one of your cities has been targeted too. Ask the Lord to grant that all covenants with death and hell tied to Iran and its proxies to be annulled, as well as those of other nations. Ask for all the “refuges of lies” to be uncovered. In Jesus’ Name, command that all terrorist structures and agents of terrorism, even those hiding in plain sight, now become exposed. Same with compromised US officials. Call to light all evidence that intelligence officials and police need to thwart intended attacks. 

The Lord may even direct you to lead teams to pray onsite, or in close proximity, to potential targets He highlights to you. The need is obvious to cover city centers, military bases, etc. Please pray also over transportation hubs, including your respective airports, seaports and railways. 

Covenant with death and hell annulled. PRAY THAT ALL PLANS NOW IN MOTION BE EXPOSED AND STOPPED.

Prophetic Warnings of Conflict with Iran—
As mentioned, we have warned about potential conflict with Iran for a while now. Our book White House Watchmen covered this prospect comprehensively. Back when the Iranian nuclear accords were first established, the Lord gave me a clear vision that it was a covenant with death opening doors for death to enter the land. Similar warnings were conveyed in our book “Turnaround Decrees.”

The good news is that, as of June 24, 2022 when nationally legalized abortion was overthrown by the Supreme Court, our nation shifted from a covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of LIFE empowering a culture of life. A limited window of opportunity again opened to see the devourer rebuked and the constitutional governance of our nation preserved. 

To me this prospect became even more clear last week in the midst of the Speakership debate at the House. Covenant with death and hell annulled! The previous two postings share the unfolding miracle that could only have come by God’s own hand. 

The point is clear. Friends, lets make full use of the window of opportunity that has now been opened. 

Boiling Pot from the North—Chuck Pierce’s Warning Word
That said, the Lord also has warned us all of challenges now at hand. Remember Chuck Pierce’s warning of a “boiling pot” beginning on December 10. Chuck saw a new level of the prophetic being released. Without further explanation, he also warned of the potential for widespread deaths in this season. 

As Chuck shared in his word, there are many biblical references to boiling pots in the Bible, including with Gideon and Elisha immediately after receiving his double portion mantle. The Lord highlighted to us the reference from Jeremiah 1:13. 

“The word of the LORD came to me again: ‘What do you see?’ ‘I see a pot that is boiling,’ I answered. ‘It is tilting toward us from the north.”

On December 10, Jolene and I and a small team fulfilled a vision of a prophetic action the Lord had given me in July. We picked up the “double portion mantle” by the Jordan River. Two tallits, including a mantle from the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem and the “fire mantle” imparted by Apostle John at the 2022 HAPN gathering, were used for this prophetic action. 

In preparation, on December 9 we went to Tel Megiddo (Armageddon) and Gideon’s spring. At Tel Megiddo the Lord encountered Jolene with a warning that may correspond to Chuck’s warning word. As chronicled in a previous post, Jolene saw a vision of a large grandfather clock over the Jezreel Valley below. The numbers of Chuck’s highlighted date of “12-10” were flipped to instead convey time on the clock. Ten minutes to twelve, or ten minutes to midnight. In other words ten minutes to a significant crisis.

Yet the midnight hour is also the time when Gideon’s army lit their lamps and delivered the nation. 

And prophetically, from our time at Tel Megiddo, I clearly saw how the growing alliance between Russia and a nuclear-enabled Iran is a “boiling pot from the north” that clearly threatens both Israel and the western world. Including United States. 

The good news is that the Lord has seen all this already, and called us forth as Gideons. Lets partner with Jesus as the Lord of hosts, with His angelic hosts, and other for another midnight turnaround. LETS DELIVER OUR NATION AS ONE! 

No King but Jesus…